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Even I Like Money!

For the next few paragraphs I will discuss types of systems of money-making popularized over the Internet which are NOT likely to work at all for the great majority of people, often not at all, or only for PENNIES and NICKELS, not from the very start nor in the long run, thus making them poor models for anyone else to use.  They are bad examples of ways to spend time trying to go after Internet money. Yet these defunct, vacuous, often enticing yet basically barren and misleading systems have come up again and again lately on Twitter. Twitter is a cool place!  I’m not here to knock Twitter! I am enjoying myself enormously there, and lately I’ve been developing a bigger ‘footprint’ than I ever thought to have on other social networking sites. A few days ago, I was 37th in number of followers in the Tucson Metro area — that’s about 1,003,000 people at last estimate… and my numbers are going up… I am forging ahead, I’m developing quite a following, mainly for my thoughtful comments, often containing an astro-insight or two, as well as the diversity and number of my frequent updates… which are often humorous… after all, I’ve always had “something for everybody” on my sites, and Twitter is no exception.  But what concerns me right now is the frequent, oft deceptive money-making schemes that new followers are touting.  I think I have a superior system which will yield higher profits for much less time and effort invested!  Read on, and I’ll tell you what it is.


First, let me dispel the idea that one is likely to obtain wealth anytime soon by getting paid on a ‘pay-per-click’ basis for every person that visit one’s site and happens to ‘click’ onto ads that are placed by Google or other outfits.  You and I know by personal experience that when we’re surfing the Internet and visit someone’s site, first of all, we’re often mostly looking for information, not a product at all, and not likely a service, either.  So the idea that people will ‘click’ an ad on a site and generate 2c, 5c or even 10c in revenue for you is not very likely.  Think about how many people REALLY surf YOUR site or sites, and multiply this by the PERCENTILE CHANCE any one of them are likely to ‘click’ obvious ads scattered on your sites, and you will find that your paycheck from AdWords, AdSense, etc., is likely to be in the high pennies or the low dollars, at best.  Not talking about Google now, but I’ve heard that several of these ‘pay-per-click’ schemes have thresholds of income below which they won’t send you any check at all.  It may be $100.00, or as low as $20.00,  but — Surprise! — it may take months & months to reach those barriers, and until then — people can click all they want (which isn’t likely to be much) but no money is coming into your hands! JEEPERS!  Some of these systems have YOU PAYING “per click” to SELL YOUR STUFF!  Is that a reasonable method of trying to make money?


Affiliate programs are next on my debunking agenda! Affiliation does NOT work as well as affiliate promoters and new affiliates may THINK  they’re going to work!  For one thing, just because someone is willing to sell a certain product that someone has on their site, doesn’t mean they WILL be able to actually get buyers for that product!  A close friend was using a well-known affiliate marketing company and turned-up 200 affiliates who seemed interested in selling her product.  They all signed up.  Everyone seems eager to go out there and “Sell! sell! sell!”   In fact, only 1 could actually sell the product. And that person only sold ONE, which means he or she earned $10 or $12 only. Whoopie! Would you call that a successful salesman?  Yet her or she was a thousand times luckier than others who sold nothing. One successful seller out of Two Hundred sellers is not a very high average! It looks like 199 out of 200 were wasting their time pretending to be affiliate marketers.  I affiliated so others could sell my “Get Rich Buying at Yard Sales”, which is now on Amazon. We put the price of an e-book version at $20.00, and gave the affiliate $12.00, the lion’s share of income, if he or she could sell a copy.  This resulted in… I believe… two sales by two affiliates on what I think is a VERY good money-making “success story” book.  This wasn’t any good to me, personally, either, because the affiliate marketing program ‘middleman’ got a couple of bucks, the affiliate got $12.00 and I got only about $6.00 for myself out of the deal. Some deal, huh?  And even when making 60% of the money in the sale of the product, what Affiliate marketer is going to get rich off one sale at $12.00?

Hey.  Either a person can SELL or NOT sell.  Not everyone can! Sometimes only 1 out of 200 people is prepared well enough, has enough will power, enough experience, gets out enough, and has good enough connections and marketing skills to actually sell a product.  Sometimes having all of those is STILL no guarantee, because of the enormous difficulties of selling these days, with e-mails going straight to the SPAM box and phone calls being blocked by “Do Not Call” systems… The sum total of the above problems is why I would discourage anyone from affiliate marketing or getting affiliates to market for you.


I would even more STRONGLY discourage Multi-Level Marketing because, just as the textbook “Ponzi scheme” shows us,  these “levels” of marketing which depend on a bigger and bigger pool of new marketers who buy-into the scheme soon runs out of people.  Because of the geometric growth rate, as people reach out to more and more possible clients, there are just not enough people in the world to keep one of these schemes going very long. As I discovered when my friend Carl got into a Ponzi scheme with Koscot Interplanetary (purveyors of mink oil based products on an MLM basis), back in the late ’70’s.  Plain and simple:  When one of these pyramids becomes popular, soon just about everyone has heard about the scheme, they turn up in classified after classified, the subject of desperate phone calls to friends and family, and no new investors are forthcoming, so the MLM scheme collapses and God Help anyone who bought $5,000 worth of products to entitle them to go out and flog the product, and the MLM opportunity, to friends, family or strangers.

So, those are the methods which DON’T work, and I’ve never known anyone crooked enough to be in on the very first rungs of the ladder where maybe the MLM method WOULD work and make some cash before the whole thing collapses.  I wouldn’t want to know anyone who messes with people’s hopes like that.  But I have a NEW method, which is NON Multi-Level Marketing, and which is NOT Affiliate Marketing, and NON “pay-per-click” marketing.  I believe it is going to be a tremendous money maker, and although it might not make a person rich, it will definitely help anyone who has any friends, family or business contacts, bring in EXTRA $$$ on a monthly or  weekly basis. PayOuts are immediate, and in cash.


This is not affiliation. This is not multi-level marketing.  It is more like a partnership. Not a legal partnership, per se… we don’t become co-responsible for assets and liabilities, we don’t draw-up partnership agreements with lawyers on hand, no, don’t worry about that!   And yet, the closest thing I can think to call it is  Partnership!  HOW OFTEN HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THAT MENTIONED ON TWITTER?  I can show you how you can make extra money for yourself on a weekly or monthly basis by being in a partnership with me!

Here is the way  in which you could make $100 to $200 or more in the coming days and weeks, and that’s when you partner with me, and begin to make extra money for yourself on a regular basis. That’s when you get a group of friends or family or associates from work, and get a “Party” going in which your guests get a personal one-on-one chart analysis and psychic reading with me

*either in PERSON, here in Arizona, (definitely here in Tucson AND possibly the Phoenix Metro area for an event big enough to justify visiting in person), or

*over the PHONE, (one after the other! Give ’em the back bedroom for privacy!), or

*on the INTERNET using Yahoo Chat or Yahoo Messenger, possibly together with Skype, and/or

*a web cam, so we have the complete audio and video package to make the experience really enjoyable.

Here’s what you get!  YOU as the HOST, the person who brings together a “Party”,  gets 40% of the revenue generated at the Party.  Each person pays $10, $20, or $30 or more, depending on how long we agree in advance each “mini-reading” should be, and you, the host, gets to keep 40% for yourself, just for hosting the event at your home or business.  Parties bring in many hundreds of dollars!  When I was in California I twice performed at the annual Rambus Corporation Company Picnic on the San Francisco peninsula. $600+ can be made at such an event.  YOU could earn a share of that for putting one together!  Hey!  Women have been doing Tupperware Parties, lingerie parties, etc., for decades, haven’t they?  On EXACTLY this same basis!


I don’t want just ANYONE to try getting a party together. How will they know I am good? How will they know how to describe what happens in a Reading or Chart Interpretation?  I want people who have experienced a Reading or Chart Interpretation with ME, people who KNOW how good I am, and that their time has not been wasted, to be the ones who will then be able to profit by making these sessions available to their friends, family, and business associates.

My most precious asset in business is the e-mail addresses of my clients. For many years, no such address existed. For many years, people began to have e-mail addresses but I never thought to ask for them, I assumed people wanted anonymity when they came to me for Readings!  No, what people want, if I’ve done a GOOD Reading for them, is a good way for me to reach them, and for them to reach me!  It is only during this past year that I have started accumulating e-mail addresses, prefering them even above phone numbers.  In less than a year I was able to obtain more than 100 e-mail addresses, all from HAPPY clients who gladly gave me these addresses at the end of a session.  Any of them, all of them that WANT to, now qualify to host a Psychic Astrology Party in their home or office. Most of them are local — here in Tucson, Arizona.  But that does not mean that I can’t do Readings and Charts for people hundreds or thousands of miles away!


I need MORE clients and partners, and not just in Arizona but anywhere in the world where this message can be read!  I want a person who may become a kind of “Junior Partner” with me to SEE the quality of my Readings and come to realize what a personal one-on-one Astro Analysis and/or Tarot Reading are all about, and how helpful and good they can be!  My Readings range from mini-readings (15 to 20 minutes for $20), to half-hours for $30 to full hour sessions for $50.  YOU, once you have a Reading with me and thus become my Junior Partner, will be able to bring any group together so they can ALL have Readings with me.  You can talk with each person and find out if they want a short $20 reading or one of the longer sessions. I can do up to a one-hour Reading via any method your friend or associate would like to have.  You forward me 60% and keep the rest. You can have one or two occasional readings every so often,  or you can generate big parties with dozens of people, each having a short 15- to 20-minute session. Best is, if you get the birthdata for each party-goer and that way I prepare for the Reading in advance. This may not always be possible, nor is it necessary, because I can work “cold” as well,  with no data at all in advance.  Let me emphasize: My  Reading YOU is absolutely essential so that, after the Reading, I think you’ll be motivated and stimulated to pass on the experience to others.  You’ll also be informed as well as energized, you’ll have experienced one of my Readings and therefore be able to tell others what they might expect! You’ll be able to give testimonials!

My typical parties features 4 to 10 people who pay $30 each to see me for 20 to 30 minutes. Yep, that’s right! Some parties last 5 hours!  You and your friends can choose to have longer or shorter sessions, for more or less money. You may find all of them want the same attention, the same length, but often one or two have more questions, are in the middle of serious situations that need more attention and thus more time.  One thing… I need to be paid  in advance at whatever kind of party it is. This means you, the host, may have to collect cash in advance, and send me a PayPal payment. This is for people at a distant location. I cannot do a party where I am working for hour after hour, unless I know I’m going to be paid, and, in fact, am paid by the time I start.

Now, let’s have a READING, after which I can give you all the details of how you can begin to “partner” with me so that we BOTH become more & more successful!

I’m Ed Augusts!  I’ve done thousands of Readings and Chart Interpretations. My Readings are valid, informative and usually quite enjoyable…   I GUARANTEE my READINGS! If, half way through a Reading, a person is not enjoying it or doesn’t feel it’s valid, he or she is welcome to cancel AT NO CHARGE;   I’ve always done that.  I’d like to work with you for our mutual success!   Write me!   If you want to start making money faster, write me SOONER!   To get started, get your birthdata (including date, year, place, and time of birth, if known,  (so I can make a perfect chart — but not necessary!), and just write me at:   —– T h a n k   Y o u!   —-Ed

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