Pluto’s Wicked Influence

From my Astro-Note Books  at work…  here is a strange case involving Pluto, and strange & potent enough to serve as a good HALLOWEEN message “from the Stars.”

A female born in August, 1954,  has SUN Rising, in a 3 degree conjunction with PLUTO, and an even closer opposition to the MOON, across the way.  So Moon is in opposition to both Sun and Pluto.   Both Sun and Moon lie right on the plane of the horizon, opposite each other,  i.e., this birth took place at sunrise, and during the Full Moon.  The Full Moon is good for some things, such as fertility, but not in a person’s birth chart.  Sun opposition Moon implies birth took place during a tough time in the parent’s relationship with each other, and is in accord with a subsequent parental break-up or loss of a parent and subsequent problems in the child’s life, but the addition of PLUTO here, made for additional problems, in fact,  it coincided with a ruined childhood.

Why do I say,  “ruined childhood?” Because her mother died just after she was born;  she never knew a mother’s love.  (Pluto is often involved astrologically in death of a loved one).  Instead, she was evidently left unwatched, unprotected, and was molested for a lengthy period of time as a young child by “two older females” and one male, all adults.  (Pluto typically shows-up “in the foreground” of charts in which seduction, rape, etc. occur, often at a young age). About the age of five she was sent away by her grandmother, who must have suddenly realized something improper was going on,  to another town and the molesting came to an end.

Pluto is indeed a strange case. The ancient Greeks, thousands of years before the planet Pluto was even discovered,  had a God, (known as Hades to the Greeks, Pluto to the Romans),  who was their God of the Underworld.   He is the one who kidnapped Persephone, daughter of the harvest and nature goddess, Demeter, to the Underworld, and although valiant attempts were made to retrieve her,  we ended up with the four seasons, instead…  Nature dies every year because Persephone is taken again to the Underworld.  Then she is released “for a season” and spring arrives!   Somehow this strange legend, of this young beauty being pulled down to Hades, and the mother’s sorrow because of it,  applies in real life, in astrological charts in which Pluto is prominent.  The Underworld is death but it also consists of being pulled down into the lower astral plane, pulled down into sexual or physical molestation,  into premature sexualization, which I believe damages the soul.

In this case, the woman is extremely religious, partly because she has experienced so much suffering because of the evil nature of others who took advantage of her youth and her being without a mother’s protection.  She has developed powerful religious beliefs and a tremendous acknowledgment of the Spirit World as well as the afterlife.  She is a Saint.  You cannot talk with her without involving Mary, the Mother of God, and St. Francis, this woman’s saints.  She is a most devout Catholic!  She has fought back against evil throughout recent years.  But she continues to suffer.  Pluto is still there in her chart, after all!   Maybe Pluto has served a role in creating a saint, but it also could have, and nearly did, kill her.

Pluto–Pluto–Pluto!   Although downgraded to a mere ‘planetoid’ by a convention hall full of astronomers a few years ago, you wouldn’t know Pluto wasn’t just as strong in a person’s chart as any other planet, not when you see what it does!

Which leaves us with the MYSTERY of PLUTO…  Why would an entirely good God create a solar system in which Pluto can have this kind of effect on people?   Pluto is not even the main culprit in the woes that afflict humanity, the MAIN  influence is Saturn. (When someone comes in with a terrific problem, the first thing I look for is, where is transiting Saturn in their chart?)   This question is a real quandry for anyone who believes we are living in a wonderful world, “under God”, where we should all be having lots of fun and learn the lessons of life.   Some “lessons of life” are much too cruel!    How can God countenance perversion and cruelty, and yet, the planets indicate who the victims are, so there is a Divine Hand to be seen here!    Obviously, the traditional portrait of what God is like, (the Loving Father), needs to be updated in view of the evidence!

WHY DO I get involved in these questions?  Why do they pester me so much?  Because I was born with MOON in a conjunction with PLUTO as well as SATURN.  I have tasted their poison, too!

Best,   ———Ed

This article appeared in slightly different form in my ASTRO_PSYCHIC Group on Yahoo this morning.  But since Yahoo Groups are, for some reason, not “Googlized” I reprint it here to give it wider circulation.

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