Radio, Astrology, and Tarot!

BlogTalkRadio is giving me a chance to broadcast (and podcast) my own half hour show on Astrology and Tarot!  The shows are on every Tuesday and Friday, and the NEXT one will be today, Friday 12/16/16, at 12:00 Arizona time — 11 a.m. Pacific., 2:00 p.m. Eastern. The next one following today’s presentation will be Tuesday 12/20/16 .

Just visit the RADIO LISTEN page on this site to listen live shows and replays.  If you’d like a question answered, submit it in the form on that page before my next show, and, time permitting, I will answer it on the air!  I’ve added INTRO MUSIC today, which I recorded myself, with much thanks to friend and fellow blog talk host, Suzanne — for invaluable and ongoing technical assistance. While our politics might not always match, I’m a healer, not a fighter! —–e.a.

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