Recent Revolution & Evolution: “Let there be smoke!”

Let me explain cosmic progress and disruption in the 2009–2019 period:  Climate change, Revolution versus Evolution, the Arab Spring, the recent emphasis on outrageous and barbaric beheadings,  the struggle between Red and Blue states  which is really Federalism versus States’ Rights, a can-do-nothing Congress,  horrifying outbreak in Africa, the messy stand-off in the Ukraine, and other troublesome situations around the world.

Well, okay. I give up!  I can’t explain ALL of that.  but I can cover enough to prove my point.  It isn’t ALL violent, but much of it is disruptive, novel, and challenging.  Others at this time breathe a sigh of relief.    The liberalization of  marriage and other laws in a number of states. for example.  These come under the influence of a planetary position that began in 2009 and will be with us until 2018–2019.

Matters Universal, National,  and Personal

This isn’t “just” the world, it also applies to each one of us.  We will respond to the planetary energies, depending on what’s what in our natal birth charts and our level of personal evolution and personal understanding.  For some, it is sudden evolution, discovery, elevation, inspiration, and genius.   But anyone too “stodgy” and smug, will receive unexpected surprises that will be challenging, to say the least,  This can ALL be seen in one’s chart, as compared to the factor I am going to detail below.

The Planetary Situation

ARIES is the first sign of the Zodiac, it is  related to the start of Spring, often called the Vernal Point. As planets swing around the Zodiac, they eventually leave Pisces and enter  the first degree of Aries, and this brings about a great quantity of that planet’s energy, as channelled through ARIES and Mars, its ruler.  Uranus, which circles the Sun once every 84 years, has to do with inspiration and change, evolutionary and often revolutionary change.   URANUS entered Aries in 2009 for just a few months, and then returned in 2010 to stay until 2018\, leave, and then return for part of 2019.   ARIES is not an easy Sign for Uranus to be in, because Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of male energy, anger, and sometimes war. conflict, struggle, and war.   There is an unruly energy right now as Uranus comes to the half-way point of its travels through Aries.   This transit is akin to a conjunction of Mars and Uranus, which is fretful, chaotic, and eventful,   YES, a disease, like Ebola, could terrorize a continent during a Uranian transit of Aries… it is “calling for” evolution… rapid change.  Improvements in medical services and public health and sanitation in Third World countries!

Abnormality and the Unexpected

The last time Uranus was in Aries was in the late 1920’s and early to mid-1930’s.  Let’s consider what was going on in those days. Drought and climatic disaster is afflicting many parts of the United States, and instead of hurricanes in the Atlantic, we are having tropical hurricanes come up the coast of Mexico and graze the Southwest.  These unexpected and disastrous conditions are reminiscent of the DUST BOWL conditions in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s, the last time this abnormal Uranus in Aries energy was in effect.  That’s a good general word to describe Uranian influences:  abnormality!  We can EXPECT the unusual at this time, and for this to continue for four moire years.

The Beheadings Explained

The “Arab Spring”  as one country after another shed its oppressive masters started under this radical Uranian transit.  The domino effect toppled the Libyan leader,  but stalled in Syria. The extended  struggle against Assad, the ruler of Syria,  coincided with the rise of ISIS, which became the Islamic State.   These ruthless and bloodthirsty thugs are at the very extreme limit of what Planet Uranus is capable of doing.  ARIES has for thousands of years been thought to involve the HEAD of the human body.  Each Sign rules a part of the body… Aries rules the head.  As this radical planet gets midway through Aries, “heads will roll”, and therefore the News Media have afflicted us with outrageous and barbaric ISIS beheadings of captured newsmen.

What Does Nature and the Cosmos Want?

The Universe wants US to change and evolve.  It hates lethargy, its hates a  lack of change.  It’s as though Nature and Fate want us to be “up and around” and “out and about.” When things don’t change, they tend to decay.  When things in the world scare us, they are meant to scare3 us.  To make us realize we are alive, we can change the world, we can create a new society, we can cure our vulnerabilities.  That is evolution in action,.

The Last Time Uranus was in Aries

Uranus rules the Sign Aquarius, and Aquarius is not by any means bad, and neither is Planet Uranus.  The last time Uranus was in Aries, we got hateful and destructive Hitler in Germany, and Stalin was starving millions in Russia, and the Japanese militarists came to power and went on the march on the Asian mainland. But we also got Roosevelt in Washington,. His “New Deal” policies, which were and still are considered radical, are extremely Uranian in nature, and show the good side of “radicalism”. . Social Security, Medicare and other programs which have helped hundreds  millions of Americans,, evolved at that time.

Legalities — from the end of Prohibition…to the end of Marriage as we Knew It.

Prohibition ended under Uranus in Aries.  Women entered the work force more and more, as the Second World War approached..  Now,  The very concept of “marriage” is changing to include same-sex relationships. Formerly unthinkable link-ups are now under legal protection. Transsexualism is now protected. This is absolutely the kind of thing planet Uranus brings about, because individuals who are highly unusual, have prominent Planet Uranus in their natal charts.

Liberalization & Then Some!

Prohibition came to an end in the United States under the Uranian influence.  The emphasis was on LESS control in the United States.  The beer flowed again.  Carry Nation and her little hatchet with which she broke-up kegs of alcoholic drink are ghosts of the past.  This radical change is reflected now, during this Uranian transit of Aries, by liberalization of Marijuana laws in Colorado, Washington, and elsewhere, Tourists can now drive or fly to Colorado and get high!   How outrageous.  How Uranian.   What part of the body is affected by the most by marijuana?  The head!  Aries = the Head.  Maybe we need it,  With so many negative and rather stressful Uranian challenges around the world, the people deserve a break!  “Let there be smoke!”.  Good smoke, that is.

Now if we could only wipe-out the abnormally Uranian militants who are terrorizing the Middle East.  They, who mistake terror with progress and mere revolution with evolution!   Blow away these barbarians who are beheading people!  That would be “GOOD SMOKE” as well!

——-Ed Augusts


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