SCREAMING PLANETS equals “Music of the Spheres”

An exciting news story which pins together astrology with planetary and solar physics, appeared on the wire services a few days ago!  The earth has been heard screaming — yes, “SCREAMING” — from one of our ‘space probes’ out in space  The earth is emitting a very loud, strong, high-pitched vibration. One can’t really call it a “sound” because there is no air to carry sound in space, but the vibrations were nevertheless detected.

It appears that the SOLAR WIND is “playing” the magnetosphere of the earth the same way a rushing breeze plays through palm tree fronds or a set of wind-chimes.   It is the auroras — borealis in the north, australis in the south,– which are being grazed by this intense discharge of energy from the Sun’s surface, 93,000,000 miles away.  In fact, the Solar Wind plays no favorites, it hits all the planets and moons in the Solar System.  The closest planets to the Sun get hit the hardest.  The size, individual magnetosphere, and distance make the vibration of each planet and/or moon different from all others… the same way one string of a guitar will sound quite different from an adjacent string.  This ‘musical’ analogy is very important;  we will return to it in a minute.

Earth is not the only planet that is making powerful vibrations which can be detected far out in space.  A few years ago, it was Saturn’s turn to be “listened to” by American probes. Saturn was making creepy noises that could be heard from many millions of miles away.  It was thought at the time that huge thunderstorms on its surface might be the origin of these powerful ‘noisy’ vibrations.

The ancients of Assyria and Babylon, keen observers of the heavens and the path of the planets against the background of the Zodiac, concluded that the planets each made a different vibration. Observations made it possible for them to make a compendium of solar, lunar and planetary effects.  After centuries of diligent research, the grand effect was called the ‘Music of the Spheres’. It explains the method by which Astrology works.  This method has been in doubt for a long time.  Scientists have, with justification, questioned how Astrology could possibly work, since, up till now, there has been no awareness of any kind of sound or vibration being emitted by the various planets and the earth.   Yet now the situation is becoming much clearer and this is truly a very exciting development:  the planets operate at different vibrations as the Solar Wind brushes their magnetospheres. It is just like fingers on a keyboard or strumming the strings of a harp, guitar or violin — and the “strings” are the planets on the path of their various orbits — no two the same, and spread out at regular distances, just like on a stringed instrument.   Is that cool, or what?

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