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Welcome!  Sign-Up for my Short Story Roller-Coaster!  If you do, I will be sending you ONE STORY PER DAY.  Each story is something that I have written. They range in genre, though many of them are Fantasy — Sci-Fi ,  others are Ghost Tales or just sheer Terror,  Horror or Occult.  There may be some stories of Alien Visitors.  Also, many of the stories are geographically set in California, Nevada or Arizona (for any of you who might be 'fans" of Western America!)  Although you might not want your children reading some of these tales, there are no 'X' rated stories here.

This isn't like an ordinary roller-coaster. You can get on and off anytime you want.  Or you can stay aboard and  ride–-ride-–ride!  That would mean reading 30 or more short stories!  If you or your friends are truly "Readers" that's nuthin'!   You'll love it!  (Besides, you don't have to read 'em the same day you get 'em!)

                      DARK & DREADFUL SECRETS & HORRORS!

Because of some dark and dreadful factors in my own childhood, I seem to excel in depicting people with serious psychological problems, beset by peculiarly occult or mystical dangers or just very bad luck, as well as families that are not just dysfunctional,but also tottering on the brink of destruction, and nibbled at their heels by horror, often not just of a criminal but also of a metaphysical kind!  Many agree that reading stories of such a kind, makes a person thankful that HIS or HER OWN life isn't NEARLY so bad, which adds to one's gratitude for the good things in life, and all the other elements that make up personal happiness.  So — load up on these psychologically cathartic moments of speculative fiction!  

To see descriptions of many of my Short Stories, please visit:

That's the "Haunted Short Story Attic" on this, my website.  (Or you can just turn to it, if you like,  the Menu is above and also in the right hand column!).  (Don't order from that page, however, the "Buy Now" PayPal link needs a fix, it's showing a non-existant shipping charge). .

Each day for at least a month, I will be describing another story of mine on Twitter and elsewhere (on USENET groups that I own, and perhaps my Google Group "Book & Movie Reviews with Ed Augusts"), but only those who have subscribed and paid for the Short Story Roller-Coaster will receive the complete short story in their e-mail box that day.  You can also subscribe additional stories to be sent to relatives and friends, in fact, you can put them on the Short Story Roller Coaster, as well!  

Although my short stories on the "Haunted Short Story Attic" page are $2.00 each, if you 'get aboard my Short Story Roller-Coaster, the price goes down to UNDER $1.00 each, and if you "buy a ticket" to stay aboard the Short Story Roller Coaster for 30 days,  you will be getting the stories for just 50c a day, Instead of paying $60.00 you will pay only $15.00… and we will top-off your subscription with 2 free e-books of mine…an additional $14..00 value for free.   That's $74.00 in value for $15.00. If you want to stay aboard for only a short ride, you can do that, too, at the $1.00 per story rate. 


To order, just write me,  Let me know if you want 5, 10, Lucky13, or the Full 30,  and I will send you a Request for Payment from PayPal.  You will get your first daily e-story immediately via return e-mail as you fill the request.  THERE IS NO SHIPPING CHARGE or any other service fee, FOR E-BOOKS or E-STORIES!   Thank You!    x———-Ed

About Ed Augusts

Please read "Strange Adventures of Ed Augusts" for hundreds of pages of info and memoir. The "Bio" page on, and "Books That Influenced My Childhood" may also be of interest.

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