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New:  March, 2015

  Amazing Spiritualistic Visionary Phenomena. 

Visible Proof of Either Another or nearly Parallel World, or a Realm for Life after Death.

Ancient Artifact of Solid Gold in Spirit WorldSpirit Photos began appearing in December, 2014. We now have more than 500 of them. They are coming at the rate of sometimes 30 or 40 per day.  They are caused by observing bright light hitting a reflective natural surface, and looking for the figures and forms, and sometimes, whole panoramas, as well as human dramas, that appear.  Clusters, pairs, and families readily show-up. They are not in any way man-made or “art”, as such, although we define the borders and crop the photos. They seem to be messages, or visions, which we have been delighted to be given, and to photograph, and thus make available in Readings, and for inspiration and spiritual purposes.  There is something of the “how many angels can you put on the head of a pin?” idea going on. There is also:  “found art”, as well as ‘pareidolia’, the human ability to find faces and figures in inanimate objects, that might be involved here. By the way… that’s a fairy or an angel.. and the next image seems to be Medieval knights with banners showing a lady, on strange terrain. The knight on the right has a cannon on his lap. The image has a surreal Hieronymus Bosch or Pieter Bruegel kind of feeling. but don’t be surprised if you can’t make it out… about 50% of people aren’t meant to see these pictures, Medieval Knights-larger and thus they can be looking right at it, and not see the stated image, at all.  They’ll see something, but it will bre what their own mind prefers to see. That in itself is quite a mystery! Perhaps it relates to Karma and what they need to be looking at in THIS lifetime.   SEE MORE.  Order my illustrated e-mail e-book which gives much more information and illustrations: Only $7.00.



NOT TO BE CONFUSED with an e-book which might be coming out this March on the subject on Amazon/ Kindle, which will consist of different text and images.

Spirit Photos Are Here” will be sent via e-mail to the address you use when you order the ebook, within 12 to 24 hours of your order.  Or please contact us separately.  Thank You!

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