summing up for the past year

As a Gemini, YES, I am still a bit too scattered in my endeavors. I get distracted easily. Even so, in 2008, thanks to the warm, supportive energies I discovered in Tucson, Arizona, I was able to type-up, edit, and publish FIFTEEN BOOKS, thirteen of them, mine, and two of them, reprints (which I nevertheless typed-up from start to finish) of books that had first appeared in the 1920’s and ’30’s and were now in the public domain.  I found writing to be absolutely effortless here in Tucson, and that’s because DIFFERENT CITIES ARE BETTER FOR DIFFERENT PEOPLE!!   That’s one of my specialties as an astrologer — determining WHERE SHOULD YOU BE?  (Another important question is:  WHOM SHOULD YOU BE WITH?)   Think about it!  These considerations often help make a person either successful — or a failure!  Anyway, my “chart comparison” with Tucson is excellent, and I hope YOUR comparison with YOUR city and/or state is a good one, too, or you could find your career, or your marriage, or your health, GRINDING TO A HALT if you are (1) in the wrong place,  (2) with the wrong person!   MAYBE you can “get away” with one, but not both!

That’s all for the moment, I will now get back to seeing what is happening on Twitter, since my book “Get Rich Buying at Yard Sales” was offered as a PRIZE in Warren Whitlock’s #happy09 , I’m getting a new “follower” on Twitter every 10 minutes!  I’ll tell ya more later!     Best, —–Ed

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