Sun Enters Gemini. I Could Lick My Weight in Wildcats!

I have changed ALL the names and occupations in the account below so that no one could ever identify these clients.  I do this routinely in my posts, for the sake of everyone’s privacy. —e.a.

I feel like I could lick my weight in wildcats this morning!  I had a great day yesterday, which also happened to be the First Day of a Gemini Sun, with readings of 2 cousins in the morning and a party up the mountain slope (i.e., fancy neighborhood),  that night.  The Readings in the morning were good because I’m seeing the one cousin for the 3rd time and the other cousin for about the 5th time, and they keep coming back!   Several times they’ve brought me OTHER cousins.  Yesterday they were going to bring Pamela “who needs to see me”,  but she had to deal with car repair and couldn’t make it, but is desperate to come in and talk about her marriage.  It’s the Smith family of South Tucson.  Yesterday Cecilia, the more active of the 2, said,  “Yeah, Ed.  You’re not going to run out of cousins, there are about 300 of us here in Tucson!” So I could pay my bills just off the Garcia family!   Cecilia and Barbara are both moms of 7- year old daughters.  I think they both went to the same party, ha ha! Barbara is having exceptional problems with her child,  Laurinda, who tends to dominate her and tell her what to do. Her ‘ex’, the child’s father, says she should slap the kid around, which is what he used to do to Barbara. But Barbara wants to give her little girl nothing but kindness but probably goes overboard, allowing her to do just about anything she wants.  Laurinda also dominates her cousin, Cecilia’s daughter, and at the age of 7 is discouraged from visiting because she runs rough-shod over the other kid, who is a stubborn Taurus, so they end up in hair-pulling battles.  No doubt I will hear more from the Smith family over the next few days!

The party that night was amazing, despite my doing only 5 readings (it was my choice, I didn’t want to overwhelm myself and get tired-out).  I could have done 14 readings, by the amount of people who came to the party, and plenty more wanted to see me, but I would have been “burnt out” by the experience.  Readings take a chunk out of me in such circumstances.  I once did about 100 “mini-readings”, all Palm Readings, by the way, at the Rambus Corporation company picnic in Mountain View one year with my good friend Nikki… (she did Tarot and I did Palm), and I stayed in bed the whole next day and couldn’t do another reading for anyone for a week!   So I know quantitative limits…  But what’s of interest is that “everything clicked”, everything I saw in the astrology was deadly accurate, and even more remarkable, when I flipped Tarot cards to see things in the future or answer other various questions that are hard to answer astrologically,  the cards were even MORE telling and insightful.

Two of these people were my host and her boyfriend, the owner of a software company, who saw me TWICE, once individually, then asked to see me at the end so I could compare their charts.  So I did 3 readings for the 2 of them, basically.   The other 2 clients, (both women),  were impressed enough to both say they would make appointments and come see me as soon as they could, here at the studio.  So I feel I impressed,  and more than that, I helped.  There was not a person there who didn’t have intense issues going on in relationships.

Most of the women were having a hard time, and so were my earlier clients that same morning.  I see why this is happening!   Not to generalize too much, but sometimes there is something going on in the Heavens that explains a lot fo what’s going on!  VENUS and MARS are both traveling together in ARIES right now;  this is a decidedly masculine and aggressive sign.  THE GUYS ARE HAVING THE BEST OF IT IN RELATIONSHIPS RIGHT NOW…  But Aries, and also Mars, are notoriously insensitive to the needs of female lovers and mothers.  The “worm will turn” next month, as both Venus AND Mars enter Taurus, which is the absolute opposite of Aries.  Taurus is ‘ruled’ by Venus, the planet of the female, the planet of love;  and for roughly a month,  these women who have been repressed or deactivated by the strange doings of insensitive, wandering men,  will have their turn!   Then I’ll be getting more GUYS for clients for awhile.

The card flips last night were remarkable.  In reading #5,  it turned out that the host’s boyfriend has taken-in one of his salesman to live temporarily at his house because he was evicted from the place he’d been living.  This seems to have aggravated his girlfriend who thought he didn’t need ‘trouble’ like that around the house.  I have the clients sitting on the same side of the table with me so they can see the charts and the cards ‘face-up’.  So I flipped a card.

The Falling Tower. Bottom falling out of everything, crowned heads are tossed down into the abyss as lightning strikes the eminent tower.  “So he really was in bad shape when he came to you!  Yep, it was all over for him at THAST place!   Now, what will happen as he stays there with you?”  I simply pull another card from the middle of the deck.

The 5 of Wands,  five guys duking it out with wands.  “So as you can see, there will be friction, bickering, possibly arguments.” “What happens when I ask him to leave?”  the software genius asks. So I flip a card:

Ten of Swords. A person is laying face down in the mud, with 10 swords sticking out of his back, one of the worst cards in the deck.  “He will be crushed.  He will feel like he has no place to go.  WILL he have a place to go,  if you turn him out?”

Five of Cups. A man is walking away from what he has, but it is a very sad-looking card, with a lonesome moon looking down on him as he walks away and what little he has, behind him.  “He will be on his own, and alone.  I don’t see anybody there to help him in any way, not at this time.  How about 6 months from now to one year from now, will he be better as time goes by?” I cut the deck at random and take the first card off the top:

The Hermit. Lone figure, out in the cold, carries a lantern to see his way. An utterly forbidding card, though with some promise of a long-term learning experience.  “He will be on a lonesome path.  It will be quite a learning experience, to be sure;  he may need to have such an experience, even though it will be a difficult one to survive.  Maybe it is karmic because he set-up the situation himself through the problems he’s had with landlords and friends. Do you know what? If it was humanly possible for you to NOT kick him out, yet, give him another chance, that might make a difference.  So what happens IF you let him stay awhile longer?”  I randomly flip another card:

The  Sun.  Happy child rides a white horse, with sunflowers around, and big SUN looking down in the background.  “It will make a huge difference to his fate if you give him just a little while longer to make something of himself.”  My host scowls at us, because SHE thinks he should EVICT the guy AND fire him — yesterday, already!  I think she thinks it odd that he’s living with this guy right now.  But we already established through the cards, earlier, that he’s not gay or bi-sexual, it is an act of compassion only to “take him in” for awhile.

“He’s selling for me right now, but I’m worried about a big account that he’s managing.  I’m afraid he’s not doing very well with that account!”

“So, let’s see how the businessman feels about…”

The King of Swords. Mean-looking authority figure holds the biggest sword you’ve seen in awhile… “There is frustration and anger at a high level in that company. I don’t know what he’s done, but….”

The Emperor.  Another grim expression from an even loftier throne looks upon us!   “I think you stand to lose this client because there is continued unhappiness, and it goes to a higher level. Manager, owner, regional manager, something like that.  What if you….”

King of Pentacles. This king is kinder, perhaps wiser. Looks for a gentler solution. “Aha!  YOU must get involved and go back over what your salesman has done. If you put lots of attention onto the situation, you can heal the situation. You know what needs to be done, and you are wise enough to make the injured parties satisfied.  In which case you may keep the account…..?”

Ace of Pentacles. A hand holds a big golden pentacle.  THE money card!  “YES, if you get right to work on it, you will successfully keep the account, save money, and possibly make even more money as well.  Whatever problem your salesman’s had may turn  out to be an opportunity in disguise, but YOU have to come in and straighten things out.”

It was THAT kind of evening, the cards kept answering questions with random flips from a deck which I shuffled once or twice during each reading.  The cards stayed uniformly hot!   Cool, huh? This kind of day makes me realize I am at my best when I do readings.  All I need is referrals and willing clients.  It was a client whom I’d seen six months ago who kept me in mind and now thought of me for this event, to introduce me to her friends.  So I should do lots of parties, I guess.   And hold onto lots & lots of e-mail addresses of everyone I see, so I can give ’em updates and the like.  Some of my clients will be reading this blog.

I haven’t really been looking for parties because of the unimaginable STRESS of driving out to a strange house and being the focus of attention of a bunch of strangers. The stress grabs me.  I wonder what the people are going to be like, and how I’m going to do.  But I always do well.  I shouldn’t worry so much.   I ought to consider, they look upon me with even more hesitation than I look at them!   I am a magical presence.   This can be very attractive for some, and off-putting for others.  I shouldn’t really worry about parties. After all,  I’m a little like that guy who says, “As I walk in the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I fear no evil… for I am the meanest son-of-a-bitch in the Valley!”  —–Ed

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