The 8-by-9 System. A New Tarot Method!

I have evolved a new Tarot Reading method which uses an 8 x 9 spread… yes, 72 out of the 78 cards!  And the cards that are left over make a separate ‘spread’ that will answer any final questions.  It works very well using the Waite-Rider deck, and probably many similar decks.   In fact, I know it works very well on the Petite Lenormand, also, although that’s a much smaller (36 card) deck.

I capture time and space and people with this method, it is veritably “3 dimensional”. It asks for a pretty thorough knowledge of the cards, but it also gives knowledge that a “Celtic Cross” or other spreads may not give.  It yields a bumper crop of things to think about and learn from. 

Who knows?  An exchange of e-mails, chat, or the phone with me may encourage you to try this or one of the other methods and systems in this realm.  I have about 40 years of experience in the subject,  let me help you!

Best wishes, —-Ed Augusts