The Adam Lanza Disaster

Why Him? Why Now? 

Adam Lanza, born April 22, 1992, was the undoubted shooter of the 20 school kids and 8 adults, including his mother and himself, in Newtown, Connecticut.  He was in the middle of a planetary double-whammy which the kid just didn't have the good common sense or life experience to extricate himself from without a disaster happening.

Bad Decision on Gun Security

It didn't HAVE to lead to mass-murder, but the man is the son of the mother, and his loving mother kept weapons within reach, so it seems,  in the house, as well as lots of ammo… NOT locked-up properly for safety, or how else could he have gotten to them, and used them on her?  And, she had made the mistake of having these beloved weapons (she was quite a collector),  made a veritable fetish out of them,  right under the nose of her unbalanced son who lived with her.

That was all bad enough. Mistake compounded by bad judgement. But not even that was the whole problem: the revolutions of the heavenly bodies contributed to a culmination of a great amount of stress in Adam Lanza's mind, and in that suburban home.

Mars. Planet of Anger and War!

First, MARS went over his Capricorn Moon, causing a bad, prolonged misunderstanding with his mother, (represented by Moon in his chart). The anger was going on for as long as two weeks, although his overall frustration with her might have lasted a lifetime.. Her position in his chart is indicated by Moon, and it is in Capricorn, and does not indicate a very close or warm relationship, especially if he was born later in the day(from Noon on), because then Moon would be conjunct his Uranus and Neptune, making things even more bizarre in his life and in relations with his Mom. The next thing that happened was Mars in the heavens heading toward his Uranus and Neptune, with Mars-Uranus indicating accodents, arguments, or weapons, and Mars-Neptune, sick, unhealthy fantasies activated by Mars into action. Adam was born with a “Clash of the Titans” going on in his chart: a conjunction between Uranus and Neptune. In most charts an aspect, even a conjunction, between outer planets like these would be called “merely generational” and not affecting any one individual. But not in this case, because they were less than one degree apart.

Unstable Affections; Violent Energies.

And his Uranus-Neptune squared his VENUS in his chart, the planet of affection. His affections were unstable (Uranus) and overly whimsical, romantic or unrealistic (Neptune). He had no girlfriend! His sexual energy was channeled into things like “gaming” and vivid, violent, fantasies. Uranian, that is, violent hardware of explosive kinds, was coupled with Neptunian — obsessions and compulsions and an "other worldly" mindset.  Affection inside him and outside him (his family, the community) was stunted and redirected by the square (90 degree aspect) by Uranus and Neptune. For one thing, he was a gamer. He'd spent YEARS killing zombies and monsters. That is both Uranian AND Neptunian!  Those planets move very slowly. No wonder the heart of the generation of 20-something's is drawn into that nonexistent world of fantasy and gaming. But only a very, very few of them lose total touch with reality like Adam did. 

Google It Up!

You don't believe me?  Google-up these combinations of aspects and you will see it is not my theory, it is databaseThousands of astrologers have witnessed these kinds of connections and 'coincidences' with the recently discovered Outer Planets going back more than a hundred years. And the database on the actions of the inner planets go back three thousand years.

In the Adam Lanza family, It was all just begging for bizarre, fanatical “solution” to the Moon-Mars-occasioned argument, leading to a disaster.

Moon : The "Trigger-Finger!"

It is possible nothing might have happened at all, other than simmering feud. But then MOON, which acts like a “trigger-finger” , setting off other things going on in the chart, swept around into Capricorn and went over its natal place in his chart, and then it was conjunct to transiting Mars, and then, Adam's Uranus and Neptune. This effect of the Moon has been known for thousands of years, neglected only by skeptics, who are not as smart as they think they are, and anything BUT "open minded' to something that's outside their specialty.

It was a double-whammy… Moon and Mars… affecting the most sensitive and dangerous area of his chart… and linked with his mother… since Moon (the mother) was the first thing both Mars and Moon contacted in their transit, in his chart.The feud had been simmering for weeks (Mars going over his Moon), and then Moon went over that same place in his chart…  and all hell broke loose.

I would like to do both a natal chart and then a chart comparison between Adam and his mother to see what the energy was between the two of them. This indirect method of looking at HIS chart, simply shows her to”feel” cold and unavailable to him. It measures HIS FEELINGS ABOUT HIS MOTHER, not necessarily how she realy was.

                           Years of Isolation, Even Within So Much Wealth!

I theorize that Adam felt years of neglect. He felt, openly or deep within, that his Mom gave all her attention to the little kids in her class. She must have talked about them, mused and discussed them. All the while Adam wished she'd spent more time and thought on him. So after he'd dispatched her with a number of gunshots, he drove to her school and executed all the kids whom she would have taught... the youngest ones. His anger was such, and his ammunition sufficient, so that he must have shot each child a number of times so that only one or two who were shot, survived.  

Why Were Children Targeted?

All this action was going on in the Sign of Capricorn. Why were children targeted? Cancer is the OPPOSITE SIGN of Capricorn. Cancer, ruled by the Moon, is patron to mothers and very young children. Planets and Moon going through the opposite sign, Capricorn, indicate an emphasis on materialism and property and a lack of true love for children at that particular time. 

Some obsessed maniac slashed 22 kindergarteners with a knife as they got off a school bus in China, just 1 or 2 days before the Connecticut disaster.  These two events were linked by transiting planetary energy. (The other possible link is that Adam saw or heard the news reports of the China stabbings!)  Anyone with too much negatively aspected Capricorn energy will probably be a materialist. Christmas itself is materialistic.

The Materialism of a Saturn & Capricorn Christmas

Anyone with too much Capricorn energy will probably be a materialist. Christmas is materialistic. We try to please our children during the Christmas season, but it happens when the Sun is in Capricorn, so everything really comes down to materialism, giving presents, “Santa” bringing presents, etc. rewarding or buying the affection of others through presents. Not much spirituality of the Jesus Christ kind, or any other spiritual kind, there. Saturdays are named for Saturn, the Lord of Capricorn. Everyone knows Saturdays are the day to scratch around making pennies at yard sales or going to thrift shops or doing necessary, unpleasant repairs. All of that is intensely Saturnian-Capricornian.

Only A Child Who Didn't Need The Money

Back to the disaster in Connecticut, the disaster in the hearts of the nation: I will leave the question of why suburban residents in a wealthy, quiet neighborhood with some of the lowest crime statistics in the state, should feel they needed powerful, loaded weapons around the house within easy reach of possibly immature, unbalanced, children. And Adam was not an adult. His chart shows that he was mentally, spiritually, emotionally – only a child. And the man is the child of the mother. Oh, that's another question! Where was the father in all of this? He had divorced and gone. He is paying $2,500 a month to Adam's mother, but the family was broken. How much love does $2,500 a month purchase?  Not much in the eyes of a child. That shows up in Adam's chart: Love is not something he felt was permanent in his life.

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