The David Letterman sex & blackmail scandal!

Here are the Updates I posted to Twitter this morning as I heard about and then researched the David Letterman situation! (Note: As you may know, Twitter limits updates to 140 letters & spaces each!  The “#” marks you see in occasional places are meant to link the word that follows with other updates, by others, that use the same #-marked word)   Best,  —-Ed

RT @jgphl David Letterman Victim of $2 Million Extortion Plot: The Late Show host admits he engaged in sexual relations

Sounds like we missed a wild “Late Night” episode last night, since he “told all” in front of his national audience. Bad rep, good ratings

TV show producers must be feeling the recession pretty bad for a producer at “48 Hours” to stoop so low as to blackmail #David Letterman!

#Letterman’s career to be shortened as this scandal breaks as Saturn opposes his natal Mercury & moves toward an opp to his natal Mars…

Powerful forces are opposing #Letterman now, but the “other shoe” won’t fall till November when Saturn exactly opposes his natal Mars.

My guess is that he will succumb to this scandal and retire as the #Late Show host between now and mid-November. A bit of depression, too..

Mars in 22 Cancer, heads toward #David Letterman’s Saturn in 2 deg Leo, so there’ll be an inquiry & calls for his resignation, next 2 weeks

Noteworthy that Saturn is opposing his Mercury & MARS, just as MARS will soon go over his Saturn; no “laugh it off”, ha ha, on this one!

I view Astrology as so powerful, it makes a good religion. Visit my: Let me explain about #Letterman

One of the aspects he was born with that was difficult & needed special handling, was his temper & ego, seen in Merc conj Mars. Now, as…

Saturn opposes Mercury & Mars, he’s inevitably being taken to task, for the emotional / romantic mistakes (his Mercury is in Pisces), then,

his ego will take a hard knock as Saturn exactly opposes his natal Mars in the 1st degree of Aries, but that will build up over a month!

During the time Saturn is between his Mercury & Mars, such as the time period that’s starting now, as it moves past Merc & toward Mars,

his words (Mercury) & actions (Mars) will be criticized, critiqued & 2nd guessed, (like what I’m doing!) & ultimately, possibly suppressed

Now! Going FOR him is his natal EXACT Mars trine Saturn, so. no question he is exceptionally hard-working, intense, & productive. But…

his very INTENSITY, his very productivity, is criticized, possibly destroyed, as powerful Saturn & Mars BOTH move against him simultaneously

Powerful Pluto is now simultaneously EXACTLY squaring #Letterman’s natal Mars & quincx his Saturn, as well, which shows the HIDDEN ENEMY.

His chart, though Astrotheme is NOT the easiest in the world to read…  Does have  a nice bio:

So, these events in David Letterman’s life are PRECISELY shown in his natal chart & the current transits. Much can be learned & appreciated!

W/ Pluto, Saturn, & now, soon, Mars, ALL making difficult, even exact aspects, I’m just glad he’s alive! Such enemies! It ain’t over yet!

@QueenofJoy @edaugusts Try to follow the astrology of Letterman’s current dilemma (in my posts) & you’ll see how exact & hard-hitting it is!

@SunnyJupiter @edaugusts They gave you meds, huh? Just be glad you’re not Letterman, a whole Jackson of meds wouldn’t help his situation!

This problem Letterman’s been having, & will have, is as plain as the nose on a Collie. If people knew the symbols, they’d see the accuracy!

Just look on my profile for 20 very recent updates about the specific astrological reasons for the dilemma #David Letterman’s going through!

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