The Ongoing Blog of Ed Augusts

Behold! The naked ‘Id’ of the ‘naked’ Ed — if you believe Freud!

Bearded Ed
Almost too much wit, culture, astrology and mysticism for a reader to stand! Find out who’s behind “Mystic Science”, an endless wave of short stories to surf, etc., and a couple of dozen books… and nobody’s even seen his 400 poems that he’s been hoarding! His name is Ed Augusts! How dangerous is he? How dangerous is any true Renaissance Man? Maybe he’s just an Aquarian Gemini blowing off steam!” —Nikki. Ligtelyn

Some of my Old Blogs turn up again, expanded, improved and collected into booklets. Please look at the other pages of this site for short stories, and other books! I occasionally go back and expand or correct a Blog.

Note: The Blogs on this site have all been recently (mid-January, 2009) “moved”, and I haven’t quite got it “right” yet, items seem out of order as I get to know how to add & edit this new site. Sorry if you have to poke around a little to find things! Thanks, —-Ed

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