‘Time Capsule’ Readings For Li’l Guys…

It occurred to me that Readings for newborns, like the kind I described in my most recent blog on the subject, would be best, if I offered them as “TIME CAPSULES”.  I will describe what those are, in just a minute.  Ordinary “readings”, however, meant to be given the lucky Mom & Dad soon after the blessed event, would probably not “fly”,  since this might be a very delicate subject for several reasons.  One thing is that a percentage of newborns arrive, or soon develop, serious health problems, and some don’t survive.  It would be tragic for an Astrologer to tell the family the many good points the child likely will have, what kind of career, interests, hobbies, marriage, etc., might be in store for the child when he or she grows up — but then, the child dies!   That would just be very, very sad.

Another reasno for an astrologer NOT to do a chart for a newborn is because mothers very often go into a state of port-partum depression.  Sometimes, the seemingly least little thing will upset such a mom terribly, and there is no need to wave any red flags or take any pokes against a vulnerable mom by saying anything the least bit critical of her child.  Let’s say the mom is anticipating that her little girl is going to be a ballet dancer, like she was.  But the astrologer says the child will be a somewhat withdrawn book-worm, instead.   We don’t know, but one comment like that could put a woman suffering from post partum depression ‘over the edge’ into contemplating taking an anti-social or self-destructive action.

I do think the “TIME CAPSULE” idea works!  Early on, in my career as a  professional astrologer (in the mid-1970’s),   a friend of my brother’s, the dad of a newborn, commissioned me to do a birth chart for his daughter.   When I arrived with said birth chart on its ‘wheel’,  and interpretation printed out, the dad thanked me, paid me, but surprised me by saying he would put it away “like a time capsule” for 18 or 20 years –at a minimum– because he didn’t want reading the description to color his thinking in any way about the child.  In 18 or 20 years, he would retrieve it from the Safe Deposit Box and he and his wife would have a good ‘read’.  What a great way to get around possible post partum depression!

The parents must have read something stimulating, because their child went on to be a movie actress in Hollywood,  and by 20 years of age, had appeared in a number of films and TV episodes for several years.  I knew this would be prominent kid, and she is!

Maybe the Astrological Time Capsules should be placed in brown manilla envelopes, sealed with lots of tape, and display some stamps that read: “Time Capsule!  Secret Information! Not to be Opened for Twenty Years!” —-Ed

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