New Feature! Astro-Insights. How Astrology can Help!

Ed Augusts, Psychic Astrologer

Sometimes a successful relationship is as simple as Mercury, the astrological indicator of the mind and of communication, lining-up well with a number of other planets (including Mercury), in the birthchart of a friend or lover.  Although there are dozens of other ‘match-ups’ between any two charts, a good comparison starts with Mercury.

How does your natal Mercury line-up with the planets of friends, family, and partners?  The answer to this question may make the difference between best friends and people who are uninteresting to each other, or even mark the charts of enemies!

But Mercury can be affected by any planets it lines-up with, in certain ways, in your chart, or in the chart of another person. There are ‘good’, easy, combinations, and also ‘bad’, stressful ones. An astrologer should be able to see these, and report back on how well any given comparison of charts is likely to work out.

Remember that I am dedicated to helping my clients, former clients, and friends explore their charts, and give feedback on anyone in their lives whom they are interested in!  We can do this via email, text message, or over the phone.  All it takes is birthdates, (including years), and birth-times (approximate is fine), and place of birth so I can set-up the chart(s) with correct, helpful data!

Hoping to hear from you soon, if you want to commission me to help you answer your friendship and partnership questions!   ——–Ed Augusts