A Break from the Radio/Podcasts

Hello, Fans & Friends! Please contact me right on this website, or feel free to write me at ed@edaugusts.com if you would like a Reading! I’ll be glad to give you complete information via e-mail. But let me explain…

I’m withdrawing from RADIO for the time being! I’m finding I need a break from the ridged schedule.

I’m being very active, however! I’ve embarked on a big writing project, including a number of short stories, and also adding used and rare books onto the Biblio.com database which can be seen in the “Book Rack” section at one of my other websites: www.edaugustsbooks.com I’ve expanded to just under 1,000 books, priced from $7.00 to $7,000, and should hit the elusive 1,000 book level in just a few days!

I will also be appearing on a variety of platforms on a varying schedule.

Remember to think of me for both Astrology and/or Tarot Readings, and for a wide variety of Books!