Turn the page, a new chapter opens!


Turn the page, a new chapter opens! I’ve SOLD my entire stock of used & rare books, removed those pages from this Site, and returned to San Francisco, my ‘success town’ of many years ago, to do all the things I couldn’t in Arizona… such as smell the ocean as I walk through a misty spray of thick afternoon fog, or sit in an internet cafe just doors from my hotel room and listen to Middle Eastern music as I type you this Blog entry! Ah, what excitement in this city! I feel the same thrill crossing the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge I first did so many years ago, and the city has grown. Its towers are taller and more numerous and its people are just as refreshing and intelligent, open-minded and eclected, as ever. So, I will now be available for astrological consultations and tarot readings here, and my cell phone number is: (415) 504-4071. Looking forward to hearing from you! Best Wishes, —-Ed

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