Twelve Days of Christmas Gifts!

12 Days of Christmas. Hmm, when the heck IS that?  Between Christmas Day & Epiphany, January 5th!  Would you like a surprise each of the 12 days?


HI, THIS IS AN UPDATE… THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS PROMOTION IS OVER! (As I write this on December 28th!)  We will have ANOTHER PROMOTION going soon on the SHORT STORIES, but it will be something just a little bit different!   If you wish further details, SUBSCRIBE or e-mail us at:


I’ll give you details via e-mail. You’ll receive a short  story each day for 12 days, Dec. 25th thru January 5th, &/or, send ’em as a gift!

Can’t promise they’ll be traditionally inspirational, since Fantasy, Sci-Fi, ghosts & alternate realities, are rarely traditional in nature…

My short stories include mad tween-age scientists, Amazons, haunted race tracks, bus stops w/ dead folks who follow you, doomed cruise ships…

Dragons in Las Vegas, alien grasshoppers, murderous Moms & daughters, long extinct menu items, a storage locker w/ frightening things in it!

So, it could be the perfect Christmas present for someone who’s rather unconventional & likes a weird story! Write:

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Meanwhile, how about one of THESE for your very own? Get one each week if you want, like some of my clients do!