Umbilical Cord Sensations

Rediscovering one’s Umbilical Cord Sensations in a healing / ‘sacred’ Pool…

So, imagine me laying back in my womb-shaped ‘Sacred Pool’ late this morning, the water is warm, the sun is beating down…. that would be the “Fire” element, most surely… and.just beyond a thin layer of vinyl is the desert sand and earth. A wisp of the lightest breeze is blowing, but surely, these are the Four Elements, as revered by the Ancients that I am experiencing here!

There is a garden hose with low-pressure flow of water coming out. I impulsively reach for it and press the nozzle up against my belly-button! Immediately, it is as if TIME STANDS STILL. I am suddenly immobilized, hardly willing to move a muscle, as I feel a strangely familiar feeling…the nozzle is pouring water up against my navel, I hold the nozzle with one hand. I close my eyes and feel the rythem, the pulse of the flow of the water. It seems to be connecting with me. The garden hose is not a garden hose anymore. I lay there atop the water, at times the water subtly carries me either to the left side or the right side, and I touch the warm sides of the pool, just as if they were the flesh of the inside of a womb.

Within another MINUTE, I can feel and hear MY OWN HEARTBEAT, though I can’t recall having ever been able to hear or feel my heart just by floating in the water of this or any pool.. Again, it is another sign of Magickal manifestations in this Immortal, blessed pool! But that’s not what I’m thinking at this time, I’m just thinking how very Very relaxed and refreshed I’m feeling, how very comfy this is

I realize that this is as close to another rebirthing as I could want, though I was not looking for one, I am FINE right now, I don’t WANT to eliminate past karma or do away with a bad Saturn or Mars position. But what I CAN do, now, is begin to imagine that I am for all intents and purposes, back in the womb, a NOURISHING womb, a SAFE womb, where my body and mind are developing — are now CONTINUING to develop! And so it is, that I visualize that I am growing healthier, wiser, more ‘connected’, less distracted, less worried, by anything and anyone in the temporal world!

It takes not even 10 minutes for me to feel that I have absorbed nutrition, health, and wisdom from the benevolent powers of the universe! It is as if I’ve gone back into the womb –my mother’s womb?– No, but a simulation, a natural reproduction, for all intents and purposes, of that womb! And just 10 more minutes in that womb gives me 10 more minutes of nurturing, of growth, of “programming” myself with the things I will need in the “real world”. And so, I reluctantly leave the pool until another day, but thoroughly refreshed and feeling that I am truly connecting onto a sublime, powerful, natural energy!

If anyone wants to learn more about this experience and perhaps try it out for themselves, write me at: . Thank You! ——Ed

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