Understanding David Bowie through Astrology

One can understand David Bowie better after having a good look at his birth chart, … but that applies to anyone!

The First New Moon of 2016 was in 19 degrees 13 min of Capricorn on Jan. 10th.  David Bowie, with Sun and Mars in 16 and 17 Capricorn, in his house of secrets, mysteries, and final things,  died the same day.  (New and Full Moons can produce remarkable effects… not always bad of course… when they occur near a person’s cluster of natal planets!)

Let’s look at his chart.  Venus, Jupiter, Neptune in David Bowie's chartWe see talent the comes out in youth, while still in school  Bowie’s benefic Venus and Jupiter, the two sweetest planets for success, are together (conjunct,) ‘highest elevated’ ( prominent and theeefore powerful,) in the House of Travel & Education, close to the Midheaven in his naral chart.  It’s what he created in school, his ability to act, dance and perform, that started to make him well-known by high-school.  Then, a further class he took that taught him to mime, allowed him to be on stage with T Rex, an early 70’s rock group in London, that starred Marc Bolan. But soon he did his astronaut bit, and Ziggy Stardust, and all the rest.  A career of success, comfort, self-indulgence is shown on the chart. He was ‘up’ on trends, and involved in world changes. Creates fads, projects inages, lives on culture. Makes culture.

His colorful kaleidescopic Neptune is poised… the Trident symbol not too far away from Venus and Jupiter on the chart, …to make fantastic art and music out of anything, albeit with a slightly quirky, perverse edge, because Neptune takes a hard aspect from one of the inner planets.  But travel broadens. Fame travels around the world.Sun and Mars in David Bowie's chart

Meanwhile, a third of the way around the chart,  Sun and Mars, Mercury and Lilith cluster around the Houses of Friends and Secrets, last things, mysteries, and the subconscious mind.

Even though the success has been determined the psychological roots of his mind are perplexing.  Many different people in one skin! Multi-personality.  Who is he this week? Playful with bizarre friends. Colorful, unconventional, as both MALE planets (Sun & Mars), are in a female sign & passive house, and so both male and female are portrayed to the world, but also absorbed within him… this is the root of his changing face over the years:  covered with makeup , sometimes lipstick, eyeliner, variations of playful and serious boy-girl, man-woman. A man possessed!

Hardly truly Sun and Mars in David Bowie's chartjoyous, though, his emotional Moon conjunct all-too-serious Saturn and ambitious Pluto. His last grim music video — Lazarus — more about dying than being raised from the dead, was a  shocking revelation / ego-trip about the last weeks of one’s life.  It is that Mars-Sun together — the two male planets in the last house — that mean he “manned up” to death. But Moon-Saturn-Pluto that made him interested in Hades and the Dark Side.

I preferred “Labyrinth” to “Lazarus”.

Goodbye, David Bowie!  —-e.a.

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