Weird Atlanta Freeway Fire

As I mentioned on my Blog Talk Radio show this (Friday) morning, I’m fine-tuned to unusual news stories, the stranger the better. UFO’s, ghosts, conspiracies — I actually LIKE that stuff! Bring it on! And so, there was something about the raging route 85 Freeway fire in Atlanta yesterday that seems to call for answers!

The egregious fire and associated freeway meltdown and collapse, was not really explained, not yesterday, overnight, or this morning. It should have had precise explanations given, because WHEN have you ever seen a fire that starts under a freeway, and burns so fiercely that a massive elevated chunk, close to 100 feet long, and two or three lanes wide, of concrete freeway surface, falls straight down, as fire continues to shoot out from the sides, and black clouds roil and rise skyward for many hours? The flames and smoke were like something out of “Shock and Awe” from the Iraq War.

At this point I grabbed my well-worn copy of Marc H. Penfield’s “Horoscopes of the Western Hemisphere,” which has a great little Dec. 10, 1836 incorporation chart for ATLANTA, Georgia

For FIRES? We have to look at the RED PLANET. MARS has been accepted for thousands of years by those who study and use astrology, as related to fire. ARIES, said to be ruled by Mars, is the first Sign of the Zodiac.

Atlanta’s chart features MARS in an opposition to URANUS. This is a Mars that demands such complete independence as to be anarchistic. See: Astromatrix for a wide spectrum of meanings for this one aspect:

Anyway, so from the outset Atlanta’s Mars is kind of a ‘bad boy’ and we’ll soon see this has powerful historical connections.
On the day of the fire, Mars was in about 15.20 degrees Taurus, exactly opposite Atlanta’s Midheaven in 15.13 Scorpio. Scorpio has a strong MARS component as well. The Midheaven is that which is easily seen, wide and far, just lije the freeway fire. Before the discovery of Pluto in 1930, Mars was said to rule BOTH Aries and Scorpio. Note that both Signs were being aspected by malefics during the freeway fire.

It was a similar opposition aspect, but by Pluto to Atlanta’s Midheaven on November 15, 1864, when Atlanta was burned to the ground — 90% of its buildings were destroyed, in one of the lowest points of the Civil War, from the South’s point of view. So, provisionally, we may well experiment with notable Atlanta fires of the past — and ask how often hard aspects to the Midheaven (M.C.) by malefics at the Nadir (I.C.) coincide with big Atlanta fires?

These unpleasant firestorms that can change the face of the city may also occur because of Atlanta’s VENUS-SATURN conjunction in 10 and 12° of Scorpio. The beauty (Venus) of the city is somewhat checked by stodgy Saturn, so that good portions of beauty will be occasionally challenged by natural and manmade disaster. This conjunction is in the 9th House, which deals, among other things, with journeys — and therefore commutes on the ever-crowded Atlanta road system. I’ve heard many times about the slow conditions on the Atlanta commuter grid. Fiery Mars was just opposing both Saturn and Venus just a few days before this maniacal freeway fire exploded into the news! The malefic planets can set-off a propensity for what’s warned of in the founding or incorporation chart, to manifest as real events.

Mars in the 4th. The Home. A barbecue in the home. Some ragtag or homeless folks having a smoke, building a fire — acting wild or anarchistic and destructive — Mars in the 4th House! Someone made themselves too, too comfy at home, under the elevated structure! Misfits hell-bent on setting a fire. And the fire practically exploded! A fire like THAT doesn’t happen by ITSELF!

A contributing factor might be that SUN just entered Mars’ sign Aries 10 days ago, and went into Atlanta’s 3rd House, that of “short journeys.” So we have both 3rd and 9th — short AND long journeys — activated! SUN is fast approaching Atlanta’s Pluto in 13 deg. Aries, and roughly two to three degrees away at the outbreak of the fire.

KETU, the South Lunar Node, also known as the fiery “Tail of the Dragon”, a karmic point that does not have the best reputation in the world, is just one degree away from Atlanta’s URANUS, the planet of the unexpected, overly-inventive, and possibly anarchistic.

The Dragon’s Tail is setting-off the explosive, angry, Atlanta MARS-URANUS opposition.

So there were multiple signposts of danger.

Although the area of the fire has been burnt to a CRISP, and no very complete explanation has been offered, there has been very fortunately NO loss of life — just a fallen slab of concrete half the size of the Ross Ice Shelf and other damage that will make Atlanta’s freeway network a consternation for commuters for at least a month! If there WAS an X-Files, they might be flying in from Washington — just to look around!

Adios for the Moment! ——-Ed

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