When the Stars Line Up LikeTHIS, You WISH UPON A STAR!!

This is a no-brainer! When the stars line-up in ways that are SO OBVIOUS it would take the world’s biggest fool not to see ’em outstandingly beautiful and therefore as potentially meaningful, THAT is the time when “Wishing Upon a Star” goes into effect, just like the song from Disney: “When You Wish Upon a Star”. That song was sung by Jiminy Cricket, and everyone knows Jiminy is a corruption of Gemini, it was really Gemini Cricket! And I’m a Gemini, just a tad larger than a cricket, so that must be why I’M telling you about this tonight!

A Gorgeous Sight in the Western Sky!

There is a gorgeous sight in the western night sky right now, of the Moon, the bright planet Jupiter, and the even brighter Venus! You will notice that VENUS is much brighter in appearance than JUPITER. JUPITER is a 100+ times bigger than Venus, but it is also on the FAR SIDE OF THE SUN from our gaze at this time, so when we look at Venus and Jupiter, we are seeing Venus, just over 30 million miles from us, in between earth and the Sun, but we are seeing Jupiter nearly 500,000,000 miles away on the other side of the sun, + the 93 million miles WE are from the sun…a total of nearly 600,000,000 miles, or nearly 20 times farther away! Also, remember that the light of the Sun which Venus reflects to us is much, much closer than the light which Jupiter reflects. The SUN is seen much more brightly on VENUS than it is half a billion miles away on JUPITER. These are the reasons why the massive planet is not as bright as our much closer neighbor.

One of the Very Best Triple Conjunctions Possible!

Now, the scientific reality blends with the astrological reality! These 3 are forming a wonderful conjunction in Capricorn! All 3 of them are good, that is, Moon goes with Venus, and Moon goes well with Jupiter — and Venus especially ‘goes well’ with Jupiter, in fact, THIS is an aspect of wealth, prosperity, intelligence, happiness, travel, and wisdom! This is terrific especially for those who happen to have been born in the last 3rd of the earth signs -more specifically: about 19 to 25 degrees of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. But it really works for Scorpio, too, as well as Pisces and Cancer… In fact, it ‘bodes well’ for ALL the signs of the zodiac, it helps EVERYONE, though I feel the conjunction must be seen and acknowledged for the benevolent influence of this conjunction to have the most personal and beneficial effects! The most effect will be for whomever has natal planets, Moon or Sun from about 19 to 25 or 26 degrees of a given sign.. the triple conjunction will be MOST influential to these people!

THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING, folks, so let’s try to take advantage of it, both personally, and for our families, communities, an human-kind in general, as it REALLY SEEMS WE ALL NEED IT, RIGHT NOW!! So, If there ever was a time to go outside, look up at the night sky and invoke a silent or spoken prayer or make a special wish, THIS is the night, and NOW is the time! The energy will still be powerful tomorrow night (Monday), and the conjunction will look even closer together than it does tonight, but by then MOON will be actually SEPARATING from Jupiter and Venus, and this will mean it cannot be nearly as powerful as it is right now, when all three celestial bodies are approaching a 3-way conjunction!

Although Moon is still about 6 degrees from being in exact conjunction, and it will take it 11 or 12 hours to move that far in the heavens, VENUS is 21 degrees and 53 minutes of Capricorn, and it is approaching closer and closer to JUPITER which is 22 degrees and 11 minutes… So there is only 17 or 18 minutes of longitude — less than a 5th of a degree — between these two ‘benefic’ planets. Technically, to astrologers, they are in “EXACT” CONJUNCTION, a VERY helpful and promising “SIGN” in the heavens for One and All, and MOST promising and good for those who actually get out and take a look!

Unlucky versus Lucky Views of the Heavens

In ancient astrology, it was considered unlucky to view eclipses and comets — but VERY LUCKY INDEED to view a conjunction of the Greater Benefic (Jupiter) and Lesser Benefic (Venus), the planets of wealth and prosperity and advancement (Jupiter) and having a good time, being in love and being loved, and enjoying life (Venus!)

By tomorrow night, (Monday), the Moon will have slipped past the two planets, and Venus will also have closed the gap on Jupiter. They will still LOOK like they’re in conjunction, but actually the energy will be beginning to separate and the positive effect will slowly wane over the next few nights. But my feeling is: The energies evoked by this triple conjunction tonight will begin to manifest quickly and continue manifesting, even as these 3 celestial bodies drift apart!

You KNOW now what you have to do!

You have to go outside before Moon, Venus and Jupiter set, and say a prayer or “make a wish”. This is what the whole “make a wish upon a star” was based upon! If you can’t go outside, or if is late at night and Moon, Venus and Jupiter have already set in the heavens — don’t worry! Make a wish or say a prayer — in your heart, anyway! And I have good reason to believe — your wish will come true!

Best “Wishes”, —-Ed Augusts (BTW, you might want to send this to a friend!)

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