Worldwide Church of Astrology?

Making business plans that are quite important, or out of the ordinary? Establishing a firm?  Remember that when you do so,  it is like the birth of a baby.  It happens on a certain day and time, at a certain place, so an astrology chart (horoscope) can be erected for it, just like one can do for the birth of a child.  This chart may enable you to have great good success — or not!  It all depends on timing.  Would some ‘good timing’ be a big help to you, right now?  You can have that timing using Astrology. You will get an astrological report, if you deserve to get it, and the suggestions and warnings it may contain. You will decide NOT to get it, if fate (as indicated by the direction of your whims and impulses), determines you to go through this or any similar business or personal process, without benefit of suggestions or warnings, or basing your decisions on something less tangible and powerful than the manifestly powerful, huge and massive, whirling, orbiting, billions-of-years-ancient Orbs of the Solar System.

I am working toward making a point, but to do so, I have to show a few more areas of life in which Astrology proves to be quite efficient, perceptive, timely and helpful.   You can skip down further on the page if you want to see what the ultimate point is that I’m making!

Are you considering the sale or purchase of a piece of real estate?  Wouldn’t it be nice to know if your timing on these business deals is good right now?  Or, should you watch and wait? At some point the market is likely to turn around and you may decide to buy instead of sell!  Many people regret not having “timed” their purchases and sales more beneficially for their pocketbooks. Many thought they had made huge profits — but ended up “underwater”. Others were scorned for waiting on the sidelines and not “jumping into” the booming market — but they have now had the last laugh, as all who allowed their finances to become  s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d, have suffered or perished. Very often the difference between those who succumbed and those who survived (financially) can be seen in a person’s natal chart and transits going over the natal chart!

Can you choose between which of several people you can work for, or have work for you?  Can you choose who will be your secretary? Your office manager? Your salesperson? “This too, can be yours…” You can determine whom to work for, and if you’re an employer, who will get the privilege of working alongside, or under, you.  It is not a difficult procedure for an astrologer to compare any two people for compatibility. Maybe your brother-in-law would make a fine junior partner in your ongoing business, or maybe not! Wouldn’t it be good to avail yourself of the probable truth about this and many other pairings of individuals?  Astrology can do that.  Bowing to Mecca a number of times a day, reciting scriptures, or catching the 8:00 Mass, will not inform you very much about your brother-in-law. And, unfortunately, right now, maybe it is your brother-in-law, or your girlfriend, or your child’s teacher,  that you ought to be finding out more about through the Celestial Science of Astrology.

Or, are you vacationing soon?  Is the time of departure and return up to your discretion?  The events likely to occur during a business trip or vacation likely have forerunners  in planetary transits over the charts of the travelers.   This helps explain why one traveler enjoyed himself, and the one right next to him, was miserable.  Sometimes one traveler who goes down into a cavern or up onto the glacier, survives but another does not!  Astrology helps sort-out these kinds of situations, well in advance of anyone going anywhere — if a person takes advantage of services offered!   Can Church or Temple do the same?

Would you like to know which of several cities and states is more likely to reveal some clues about where you are likely to do the very best, or worst? Again and again, we see that people do very well in cities where they have good ‘synastry’ (chart comparisons) and quite the opposite in other places, not under the “rays of a beneficent star”, as Shakespeare might have poetically said.  If you wish to find out more about WHERE you might do very well (and where not!),  you may be a candidate for having your natal chart cast and analyzed,  and comparison charts done between you and cities, states, or other people;  and planetary transits identified and their meanings explained to you.  All this can be done by a good astrologer!

Astrology, which was accepted by kings and emperors thousands of years ago, and by popes during the Middle Ages, and American Presidents in the 20th Century, is believed-in by a vast number of Americans.  Ironically, in most cases, believers have no idea how profound and deep the science and art of Astrology really is!  They see “Sun Sign” Astrology, that may be all they know of it, and yet, even that attracts them because it tells them something their religion, no matter which religion, does NOT tell them:   Who they are as individuals.  NOT as victims of a “Fall of Man” or of an angry and capricious God,  NOT as people who are going to be thrown into hell and must therefore behave.   Astrology does not have any such cruelties… other than possible Karmic reasons why certain things happen…  But Karma is never cruel, since we all create our own Karma, and have done so in past lifetimes as well as this one.  We don’t have any God or Devil (the two gods of Christianity) to blame–only ourselves!

It is very true that charts resemble the people charted. It isn’t “magic” that rain falls out the skies from lighter-than-air white or gray patches that roll around or rumble through our skies, filled with moisture,  we aren’t the least surprised by rain because we’re used to it, even though if you had to explain it somebody from another planet, it would sound like something magic — “not of this world!” “Magic”, the magic of Astrology, also works — it is a fact of life, just like rain falling today and not yesterday, here and not there!  Get over your disbelief by reading what the strongest, closest aspects are, in the charts of people whom you know very well;  you will almost immediately see that Astrology is for real,  and since it is for real,  the power it has must truly come from “Powers Above”, in the “Heavens, themselves!”   Hooray!  Astrology PROVES  there is a God, a spiritual force of some kind, while organized religion has NEVER been able to PROVE any God. That makes Astrology more of a religion than religion is.  Yes, Astrology seems to be one of the things that makes the world go ’round’,  so,  just like the scholars of the ancient world and the Medieval age, any who wish to be counted among the wise, ought to take part in it! All the great thinkers up through the early Renaissance understood the principles and symbols of Astrology which today seem so baffling to those who were never taught about them in school.   I don’t understand some of the symbols of higher mathematics — sines and co-sines, differential equations, etc., — but I don’t disbelieve that they work!  It is the same with Astrology. You may not know recognize the symbol, but let me assure you, the symbol is significant, and it does work!

When you really think about it, churches and temples of all kinds, although they often do the best they can, and are filled with optimistic, devoted followers (both laity and priesthood),  do not offer nearly as much daily insight into one’s affairs as can be obtained when a person has a good, working relationship with an experienced Astrologer!  The faithful church-goers sit in their pews and listen to a few lines of scripture be interpreted or re-interpreted. The verses may or may not have much to do with their lives, or those of their families.  There is likely to be nothing directly relevant in the Bible verses referred to today,  to the faithful believer’s need for understanding a bickering marriage, a bad boss, a desire to travel, a child’s crisis,  or the opportunity to move from one city or state to another… which are all things which Astrology can do!  At home, these true believers follow each word of a Bible text that was cobbled together by committees of church authorities and scribes over more than a thousand year period in the ancient world, often treating each word as being aimed right at THEM PERSONALLY by the God of the Heavens.  This ‘taking the Bible literally’,  can have unexpected ramifications, however.  A person living in Germany during WWI or WWII firmly believed God was “on their side” in the ongoing struggle, while a resident of England or France, just hundreds of miles away, or maybe across the next clearing, standing in a ditch with a gun aimed at them, was just as confident that God was on THEIR side, instead.  It was bullets and manpower that decided those wars,  not faith in God, since both sides claimed the allegiance of God to their cause.   In the war between the Allies and Japan, it seems the Atomic Bomb helped end the war, not the prayers of either the Japanese or the Americans.

It seems from a wealth of anecdotal evidence that it’s pretty clear now that if people went to Astrologers and consulted their planetary transits in relation to their charts  rather than attending churches and temples, which sometimes extol war, take political ‘sides’, and often don’t have much to say to help people with their most pressing, important, personal problems,  the world and its individual human residents, would be a better,  safer place!  No Taliban?  Would that be so bad, if there was NO Taliban?   No madrasas?  No eternal struggle-to-the-death between Jews and Palestinians?   No Torquemada and his Inquisition?   No Islamic armies conquering Constantinople and Jerusalem?  No Crusades?   No bloodbath under Henry VIII in England when he closed the monasteries?  No religious strife and turmoil (Cathars, Knights Templar, Albigensians)  throughout Europe over the past 1,000+ years?   No hostile takeover of the Americas by the cross and sword of the Conquistadores?  If we could only go back in a time machine and put a Council of Astrologers in charge of world affairs during the Roman Empire, let’s say,   the world would certainly be a better and safer place today!

Best, —-Ed

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