Your Weekly Chart by Ed Augusts

Here’s a great service for everybody out there.  It’s Your Weekly Chart, prepared individually by Ed Augusts.  It’s just yours — nobody else, since no two charts are identical — since it’s based on your exact birth data.

Your Weekly Chart is our LEAST EXPENSIVE option*, since a week’s chart and interpretations is only $5.00…  even less, per week, if you buy 12 weeks or more.  (See price chart below!)  But it’s also  our TOP PREMIUM service on an annual basis ($190.00),

Cancel anytime, or interrupt delivery until you want them again.   There’d be no penalty — your account would stay current even if you put  Your Weekly Chart on hold.  Put it back in action anytime you tell us to!


……..One week = $5.00   12 weeks = $50.00  26 weeks =  $110.00   52 weeks = $190.00


Just send us an e-mail, including complete birth data (especially the time of birth, if known, so we can prepare a correct chart!)  Also tell us how many weeks you’d like,  and we’ll process your order and  send you a PayPal payment request.   Or, send us a letter.  Include your birth date, year, time and place of birth, and also include a money order for $5.00 or any multiple you’d like , depending on how many weeks you’d like the service to continue, based on the price chart above.    To order?   Please

*There is an option we have which is “tied” with Your Weekly Chart for low price. If you visit & join “Astro_Psychic” our Yahoo Group now entering its 7th year,  you can ask a question which Ed Augusts, the group moderator, will answer “in the group”, unless you ask for a private answer instead.  The cost of each question is $5.00. Here’s the Astro_Psychic link:

Thank You!  ——–Ed