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Here are a DOZEN of my books, all available in paperback from the publisher.  Everyone that I know who’s ordered a book  of mine through Lulu has gotten f-a-s-t service.   The paperbacks are on good paper, in glossy covers, well-bound and well-printed.  To order any of these (and there’s more!) just visit my “Storefront”: ( Several of these titles are also available on  Good Holiday Reading to You!   —–Ed


Astrology, God & Humanity : Reassessing Our Notions of God  by Ed Augusts

In his 30th book the author delves into the rewards of using Astrology for a variety of daily success and survival strategies, and poses the strange origins and suspicious practices of the three major monotheistic religions in an astringent, no-holds-barred comparison with the greater success rate and intellectual integrity achieved through the use of professional astrological analysis of birth-charts. He notes how the only partial success and more likely failure of the major religions, unable to answer important day-to-day questions, and unable to offer substance rather than demanding belief while being unable to provide proof, is easily surpassed and eclipsed by what a good Astrologer can do for a person or a family or a company, including immediate results. Augusts uses examples of two different room-mate situations, two different lady friends, a buddy with perennial parent problems, to shock us into seeing how adept and accurate Astrology can be.


Augusts Astrological Archive  by Ed Augusts

This 279-page database is a wise and refreshing selection of posted essays, comments and replies on well over 100 different topics. It consists of the BEST Astrological insights, essays, musings and comments, from mysticism and cosmology to current events, drawn from more than 1,200 posted messages in the author’s very own ‘Yahoo’ ASTRO_PSYCHIC Group from 2003-2008. The prolific author is no stranger to philosophy or religion, nor does he hesitate to criticize established but outmoded beliefs. Augusts has been doing astrological analysis and counseling for more than 30 years. This is his 29th book.


Changes in Human Species  by Ed Augusts

Is Humanity developing into one or more NEW SPECIES? Are we developing upward –or rapidly descending into crime and chaos? Where ARE we going? The End of History? ASTROLOGY holds a key to answer this puzzle. This AMAZING book “came” to Ed, “out of the blue”. The information seemed to come from a channeled source and was completed in a 5-day period.


Chinese Western Astrology  by Ed Augusts

What do ELVIS, BILL CLINTON, GEORGE W. BUSH, MADONNA, DONALD TRUMP, and MICHAEL JACKSON all have in common? Yep, they’re DOGS!! According to Chinese Astrology. But THAT’s just the sign for the YEAR they were born. Astrologer Ed Augusts, with more than 30 years of experience, discovered that we also have MONTH, DAY, and HOUR Chinese Zodiac animals, as well! Easy-to-Read TABLE OF CHINESE ZODIAC ANIMAL YEARS and TABLE OF ELEMENTS & POLARITIES will show YIN-YANG Balance as well! Taken together with one’s Western Zodiac Signs, this tends to show the MALE-FEMALE Energy & Mental Balance in a person. Potential violence and danger appear to be related to the astro-factors in this 128-pg breakthrough book. 112 famous or notorious people are examined to see THEIR Secret Chinese + Western astrological components! This includes Barack Obama, John McCain, Hillary, Bill, and manhy others In & Out of the News! You’ll LOVE “Chinese Western Astrology”.


Exile & Double Exile  by Ed Augusts

The “re-exiled exile” is an “outsider,” a visionary guru of his own strange cult. That’s what an exile, born in a distant land, can become when his adopted land, America, proves a difficult place to grow up in when it means being isolated and haunted, then tempted, overwhelmed, seduced and damaged…all while still a child! Yet a depth of learning and wisdom grows, despite the isolation and the darkness that grows out of the damage. The exploration of a mind that feels permanently exiled occurs when studying the short stories of Ed Augusts. Born in Germany after WWII to exiled Latvian parents in a Displaced Persons Camp, despite the best opportunities for success in the new family home –California– he never quite fit in. These stories explore the American West Coast through various combinations of Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Time Travel, and memoir.


Fairies at Work and at Play  by Geoffrey Hodson

Geoffrey Hodson, Theosophist and Catholic mystic and clairvoyant, truly believed he could see gnomes, fairies, elves, and many other kinds of leaping and dancing figures as he surveyed the quaint green landscapes of England. He published his visions in 1925. It is now reprinted in an inexpensive version that is a faithful copy of the original text. With one of the famous 1917 Cottingley ‘Fairy’ photos and four line drawings by Ed Augusts, who also re-set this new edition.


Get Rich Buying at Yard Sales  by Ed Augusts

This guide to making the most profit by buying at the lowest prices at all kinds of weekend sales, is chock-full of anecdotes and personal experiences, such as buying a booklet for 10 cents on the 3rd day of an Estate Sale which was later sold for $850.00. If you like true stories about how ANYONE can make money, you’ll love this book! This book goes into detail about old books, records, knick-knacks, postcards, stamps, coins, comics, and various other trinkets and treasures!  The status of the economy is not as important as one might think for collectibles to be profitable, because there are ALWAYS collectors for good items, but during economic crises, the sub-wholesale prices go down, making them even more potentially profitable for the careful shopper.  Fortunes have been made by the clever purchase of valuable items at cheap prices.  The author made a whole fortune this way!


The Magic Wands Book  by Ed Augusts

MAGIC WANDS, fun for kids, (Harry Potter, etc), have been used since the most ancient times for serious purposes in Northern Europe & in the Middle East at least since Biblical times, as any reading of the Book of Exodus will show! What look like broken wands, of no practical obvious purpose other than what they look like — Magic wands! — have been found in Neolithic graves more than 20,000 years old.

Their use in magic may be related to DOWSING RODS which are used for finding water, ore deposits, & lost treasure. Ancients worshiped amid groves of trees & were more aware of “earth energies” than we are in our urban, modern world. These ancient forebears learned the amazing power of wood for “magical” purposes.

The author has had several experiences with Magic Wands, including a strange meeting with a woman who influenced reality through her magic-charged wand, and a later experience with an unexpected, sudden, raising of the Dead.


Meditations On Real Estate  by Ed Augusts

A body floating down the Ganges… A semi-conscious prostitute (or is it a homemaker?) laying in bed nearly naked during an OPEN HOUSE… A garage with 2 coffins in it! From cursed properties… to WEALTH strategies! This series of “Meditations” covers a wide range of topics all around the general subject of REAL ESTATE and the spectacular recent REAL ESTATE BUBBLE. There is probably more MUCH-NEEDED humor and adventure squeezed out of the improbable subject of the ‘ups and downs’ of real estate here than in a peck of humor books, yet, there are important strategies that can be used to achieve optimum success in real estate as well… as revealed by a man who started with nothing and bought and renovated S.F. Bay Area properties that are now worth about $9 million dollars.


Semi-Mesozoic Pizza with Primordial Anchovies  by Ed Augusts

This volume contains TWO BOOKS: “Semi-Mesozoic Pizza with Primordial Anchovies” , rampant humor and sick poetry from Pliny the Elder to Geraldo Rivera about earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis, many of which appeared on the Internet from 1999 to 2001, as well as: “Seismological Moments, Tales of the Great West Coast Disaster”, based on a 20-part series on the USENET in 2003, the mystic author’s attempt to discharge fears and forebodings about huge earthquakes, asteroid impacts, and tsunamis, by injecting some WELL-NEEDED HUMOR into the subject of the San Andreas Fault, Seismologists, Californians, and other good targets for his humor.  Sadly, the comic relief of this book was marred a year later by the great Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami,  which this nearly apocalyptic book may well have been trying to prophesy.


The Spirit World  by Daisy G. Buettner

D.G.Buettner was a Spiritualist Church leader and author in 1930’s San Francisco. I have done everything I could think of to find out more about her and her Church, to have a memoir about her and her activities in the 1930’s.  Unfortunately, any material about her has mysteriously disappeared from all teh databases I’ve been able to access.  Ms. Buettner was a clairvoyant who had intense, incredible visions of the Spirit World and Afterlife. She presented them in this book, which has not been available for 70 years.   Typed & Re-Set by Ed Augusts


Strange & Unusual World : Correspondence On The Occult and Bizarre  by Ed Augusts

The author, a life-long devotee of the paranormal and occult, had a series of unusual messages, queries, and comments on mystic and bizarre subjects from 1997 to 2000 from the mysterious “Chris T”. Together they talked about VAMPIRES, WITCHES, OCCULT CALIFORNIA, TIME TRAVEL, SATANISM, THE HOLY FAMILY, THUGEES, ELVIS, THE NECRONOMICON, URBAN LEGENDS, SEXUAL SLOVAKIANS, ASTROLOGY, THEORIES OF HISTORY, GNOSTICISM, GHOSTS and POLTERGEISTS, and much more. The book that resulted has never before been published in any format, and the author has updated it with ‘2008’ comments and additions.

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