Look Who ‘Flew’ In — tweet! tweet! #1

Here’s a total change of pace…  This is a look at some of the new, often very interesting “followers” who’ve linked-up with me in just the past twenty-four hours. I sure can’t feature ‘everybody’, though, since on some days lately I’ve been getting THIRTY new followers!  ( I took out the silly “Britney”– related ones!)

http://twitter.com/ILAARIJA_KUNGS This one hasn’t even linked-up to follow me, yet.  But someone who hooked-up today WAS following him, and I chanced to see the strange traveling squirrel this guy has.  Maybe he is nuts. A lot of Latvians… well, you just have to wonder about them, sometimes!  He’s had hits from 145 different countries, though!  You can see a lot more of if you link up to his travelogues, at:   http://ilaarijs.blogspot.com/ He has 84 followers at the moment, but is destined for many, many more…if his squirrel has anything to say about it!

http://twitter.com/lethebashar Wow, I’m impressed at the style & verve of “Escape into Life, Arts & Culture” webzine, which Lethe Bashar edits.  I feel a real interest in his reviews of artists, and other categories beckon.  The loving couple in the middle of the fruit on his  home page makes me feel strangely asphyxiated for them… a kissing couple in the middle of a peach or something!   SWEET, however!   I re-tweeted this tweet of his: Impressive Installation Art http://bit.ly/nxltO [adding:  That’s amazing! Why does this make me think of..Donny Darko? –Ed]. Bashar has approx. 6,200 followers.

http://twitter.com/marcusrichter Marcus lives in Sydney…  and I don’t mean Sydney, Nova Scotia.  He muses about the 4 elements and says he’s “wet fire“, which matches the photos of surfers on his page.  Says he would love to be a girl for 24 hours.  He may very well be something of a character.  His URL, not a personal one of his own, it appears, is: http://www.nutritionexposed.com/ He has 967 followers.

http://twitter.com/littlevixen2009 “Hi, Claire, thanks for following!”  I said. “I love your “Cute but Psycho – Things Even Out” bunny!”  That’s funnier than the Geico Gecko or the EverReady rabbit.  I see she’s from the Midlands of England;  ( I will have to Google Her Majesty the Queen for more recent information — because I just had a dream about her, at dawn, I was a visitor at Buckingham Palace!) Claire’s a  “29 yr old, fun loving girl who likes to speak her mind! keeps herself to herself, works hard and just wants a good life for my little girl!” No URL given.  Claire is just being discovered,  she has a very small number of Twitter followers at this moment.

http://twitter.com/BrettGreene Change Agent | Marketer | Social Media Strategist | CMO | Psychologist | Proponent of innovation, humor, disruption and connection”   He’s from Boulder, though his homepage on Twitter has palm trees. I wrote him: Thanks for Following! “The Real Blind Influence” has depths of fascination for me. The immediate “score” was Muppets “Ode to Joy”, however!” Here’s what I’m referring to: If you haven’t seen Beaker in “Ode to Joy”, you should do so, it will tend to ignite your day with enthusiasm:   http://blindinfluence.com/ The rest of “The Real Blind Influence” is pretty cool, as well.

http://twitter.com/EdgarsFoto Edgar Pohevics lives and works in Liepaja, Latvian’s second port on the Baltic. (Liepaja is close to the smaller town of Durbe, where my mother’s family have lived for the past 100+ years,ao I have a special interest in the area.   He has 286 followers from around the world, and I’ve noted he posts in Latvian, English and Russian.  Here’s his site, which includes several galleries of his photos, including:  photo sessions, fashion, reportage, nature, and children, as well as  related links:  http://www.edgarsfoto.lv

http://twitter.com/PsychicParanorm Rosemary Breen likes to do surveys;  that’s what her university dissertation was based upon, and she’s involved in surveys en route to writing a book about psychics.  Visit her and log in at:  http://howtochooseapsychic.blogspot.com/ She mentioned her dismay that some psychics state their  “readings are for entertainment purposes only”.  I replied that she might not be aware of the fact that using this language can get a psychic out of possible legal difficulties in jurisdictions which still use the old “Witchcraft Law” to suppress & control psychics and psychic readings.  Saying “entertainment purposes only” makes it appear they are not even claiming to have any real psychic abilities.  Psychics do what they must to survive, alas!   In other places, like Clark County, Nevada, they are both investigated, at their own expense, and then taxed to death with huge annual fees!

http://twitter.com/writingarticles I visited TRCB, which is the home page for this author, who is personally not identified.   http://trcb.com/writing-and-speaking/writing-articles.htm I think if he posted an extensive series of updates on Twitter he’d get lots more followers!

http://twitter.com/brandon_morton Here’s a Christian Father of 3 in Utah, “husband of Heidi_Morton”.  He says he has his  PHD  “that is post hole digger”   and that he’s a certified network marketer from the Univ of Illinois. Very popular, with more than 19,000 followers, I finally found the text of “The 7 Laws of Attraction” deep down on his front page, which is:   http://www.marketingthenewway.biz/

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