Profound, Exciting, Change of Location!


There is not a reason in the world why astrologers and psychics need to necessarily perform their services in occult shops, dusty old book shops, remote and dingy studios, or various kinds of stores or gathering places in which incense is constantly wafted past delicate noses. These can be places tinged with possible heavily-religious and, at times, parochial significance, and by that I mean some of the Spiritualist Churches, for example, whose lay members earn money for their Ministers by doing Tarot card readings on alternate weekends or at “mini psychic fairs”, etc. etc. Sometimes, the little book stores take-on a strong Wiccan or other Earth Magic flavor; other times, they are Botanicas which are affiliated with healers, magicians, herbalists, and possibly even Voodooists and Santerians.

Lately I’ve also come to find that Hindu and Buddhist churches / ashrams also may allow ‘readings’ to take place once a week, or at special festivals, within their hallowed walls. Often this takes place for one certain ethnic or national group or another. A visit a few years ago to the Voodoo Museum in New Orleans, for instance, would yield access to psychic readings of your choice from a number of practitioners.. Alas, I’m not sure if that place, in the old French Quarter is even there, anymore!

Back rooms at book stores… Spiritualists… psychic fairs… gypsies… office-type private practices… “witchy” shops… Botanicas… lamasaries and ashrams… Do psychics and astrologers HAVE to work out of these kinds of locations?

No! I’m working on a NEW CONCEPT, now! Something which is very seldom seen, but quite possibly the “wave of the future” for a number of psychics and astrologers. I AM GETTING TOGETHER A “BOARD OF DIRECTORS” and we are launching a NEW CHURCH, here in Tucson, but there is no reason at all why it should be limited to Tucson; it will be a CHURCH of ASTROLOGY. I have not found everything I hoped to find in ANY spiritualist church, old church, or new church, temple, ashram, retreat, anywhere that I’ve been. Partaking of Holy Communion is community-based, communal, reaffirming to its believers, but I don’t see the astral light, the rays of influence from the planetary orbs, in that!

The idea that I would like to see put forward has been IN MY IMAGINATION, it has been there until it has fertilized and is about to create New Life. Therefore, now I hope to bring it up, UP, into our common REALITY. Some dreams come true, and I hope this one does, too! Can you help us make this dream a reality? More about this subject in Times to Come! Best, ——–e.a.

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