Superbowl XLIII Winner?

Superbowl XLIII Winner?

Hindsight’s “20/20”

The problem in determining the winner of Superbowl XLIII is discerning between the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers as far as their astrological characteristics and the strength of these factors at gametime. Arizona Cardinals were designated the HOME TEAM for this game, (despite its being played in Tampa, Florida) by a formula that has been used since the inception of the Superbowl, which then also gives the home team their choice of colored or white jerseys. (The Cardinals chose to wear their RED jerseys, the Steelers were in BLACK: their helmets were prominently black).

HOME TEAM is said to be  indicated by the Rising Sign and planets ruling it, and the VISITING HOME by the 7th House, the House and Sign just opposite the Ascendant. In the case of 6:20 pm Feb. 1, 2009, EST,  16.07 LEO rises.  Leo is ruled hy the SUN, this indicates the fortunes of the Arizona Cardinals.  SUN had JUST SET,  it moved from an important 7th House cusp position down into the 6th House, a much weaker place for the Sun’s overall power.   This looks bad for Arizona. It is probably the single worst thing going against the Arizona squad during this game.  The 7th House cusp, meanwhile, is Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, which is opposite Saturn, not much here to recommend it, either.  7th House contains Neptune, which shows inspiration but a little confusion, as well.  Moon could be  the tie-breaker… Moon had just entered Taurus, which is ruled by Venus… Venus is in the last degree of Pisces, which is ruled by Neptune…  bang! That’s Neptune, and Neptune represents the official VISITING team… Pittsburgh!  So through the ancient astrological science of rulerships, we detect more strength on the part of the Pittsburgh team than the Arizona team.

What about lunar aspects?  The Moon ought to point toward the winner of such a game…and it does…   First, let’s find the actual position of the Moon at game time… The scheduled starting time for Superbowl XLIII was 6:00 pm, but the actual starting time was within a minute or two of 6:20.  Moon was just entering TAURUS, it was in the first degree, 0.40 minutes of Taurus, at the kick-off, and in the 9th House, near the Midheaven, in an approaching aspect, a trine (120 degree) aspect to Pluto, which was in 2.20 deg. Capricorn at game time. This was the most powerful aspect formed by Moon during the game, and at the approx. speed of 1 degree for every2 hours, it was in effect for the entire game. since it would take the Moon more than 3 hours to make the transit:

0.40 to 1.40 = one degree of longitude in the first 2 hours, plus:

1.40 to 2.20 = 40 additional minutes of longitude, or 2/3 of 2 hours, or approx. 80 minutes of playing time.

2 hours + 80 min. = 3 hours 20 minutes after kickoff that the Moon was applying to trine Pluto.

For 3 hours and 20 minutes after 6:20 pm Eastern Time,  this aspect, which was HIGHLY FAVORABLE TO THE TEAM WEARING BLACK, was in effect.

Then, around that very time the aspect was just past,  all hell broke loose on the field of play…  Arizona’s “red team” came back suddenly and went ahead!  It was only by dint of the original indications for “home team” vs. “visiting team” that the Steelers were able to make a last-minute comeback and snatch the game from the Cardinals.

The Cardinals wear a RED  jersey, which is  property of Mars.  MARS was separating from a square with the MOON at the time of the game, a separation means “the energy indicated by the square is wearing off”.  A square is a negative configuration, so the team wearing red was not favored at the start of the game, but the negativity was wearing off over a period of hours.  That is why Arizona did better at the end.  Kurt Warner, their quarterback, did HIS BEST during the last hour of the game.

The Pittsburgh Steelers wear a mostly BLACK  jersey and helmet, which is the color of PLUTO.   The Moon coming up the exact trine with Pluto during the game was “THE” most obvious indication that the Steelers, with their black helmets and jerseys were going to win.   The “Steelers” refer to the steel plants which Pittsburgh is famous for.  “Steelers” are therefore men who work making steel.  The Pittsburgh blast furnaces have a kind of “HELLISH” component, so they  qualify as Plutonian (Pluto is said to rule Hades, the “Underworld”), and Moon is in closer and closer aspect to Pluto during almost the entire game.    So, in several ways Pittsburgh fits the bill as potential winner. When you think of the Pittsburgh team in THESE images,  you see immediately how Pluto-like it is.  So it was that, in fact, Pittsburgh kept running great plays and was bravely able to make a big come-back in the last 2 minutes of the game, and win.

“The Cardinals” are birds and have the bird symbol prominently displayed. According to both ancient texts and modern experiments, Taurus, the Moon Sign just starting at the start of the game, may have a little to do with nature, being  an earth sign…. though not as much as Virgo, the true “nature sign”.  But birds seem to belong to the AIR ELEMENT, since they do fly through the air… The fact they fly is their major characteristic,  and they don’t nest on the (Taurus earth sign) ground,  so the AIR element — not EARTH — is indicated. (The Cardinals would have done better under a Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius Moon!)   But the COLOR RED is NOT indicated by Taurus at all, nor are birds in general.   In fact, the ARIES MOON had just ended at gametime, a little over an hour before the kickoff,  the Moon left ARIES, so the red team, DOES NOT fit the bill for winning this game. It would have probably won during an ARIES Moon.  Even so, they did grab the lead in the game, 2 minutes before the end, because the Moon finished its exact aspect with Pluto and started moving away from it, which makes the Steeler-indicated lunar aspect much weaker.  It did look like Arizona might win the game for most of those 2 minutes!  But then Pittsburgh made an almost inevitable last-minute comeback, and Arizona couldn’t stop them, because they didn’t fit the overall astrological ‘bill’ for winning this game.

Maybe the game will be easier to predict next year!

Best, —Ed Augusts


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