Testimonials for Two Different Things!

I must be doing something right, I’m hearing praises and thanks!

First, here’s  a nice, new Astrology testimonial  (actually, it’s more of a “personality” testimonial!)  from a lady in Portugal that I’ve been helping with a relationship.  I will leave it here for awhile, then transfer a copy over to my Astrology page!

Dear Ed,

First of all, I want to say something to you. Your e-mails have been like a breath of fresh air to me. It’s like you’re showing me this new perspective of things that I couldn’t see before and that no one has ever told me about. I tried to speak about this with people in my life and all I get is the same speech: “forget it, move on, is not worth it, it doesn’t matter”. So, what I mean is, whatever might happen, I’ll always value your kind words and patience with me.    —Name Withheld by Request,  Portugal

The other,  is from Zac M., in the Midwest… It’s about my book,  “Get Rich Buying at Yard Sales”. It looks like he’s turning $5.00 into $400.00,  for starters!  That’s a good rate of return, in anybody’s “book!”  Here’s the link:   http://cli.gs/0HHNtU

Hi,  Ed!   Just thought you would like an update on my progress…

Since buying your ebook my total yard sale profit is $200.  Plus, I bought a guitar amp at the flea market today for $65 and have it on Craigslist for $250.  I already have three people writing to me about it, so that will probably be another $185 profit for me.  All for ten minutes of my time at the flea market.

I also bought a box of old “limited edition” books with the covers falling off for $15.  I don’t think they are worth anything.  So far my luck with books has been zero.  Think I’ll leave them to you, Ed!

I have avoided the flea market up ’till now because there are so many shoppers, but now I like it. Last week I bought a metal detector there for $20 and sold it on Ebay for $65.  And now the guitar amp.  It is so much easier than driving around lost for three hours.  Less gas too.

The important thing is that I am doing it right this time.  I used to make large profits with Ebay but I never kept the money.  I just spent it.  Now I am keeping every dime and using it to buy more used junk!  I have wanted for years to start buying and selling with five bucks and see how long it takes to get to a million.  If you count my beginning as the $5 I spent on that little record player/slideshow item I bought, my $5 will be close to $400 once I sell that amplifier.  That’s a little better than my stocks have done!

AND I sold a copy of my Ebook!  So far I have had no time to do anything with it…not even a website yet.  But somebody downloaded it from Lulu.  That’s an amazing feeling.

I hope your own sales are booming as well.

Zac M.

Zac M. is the author of   “How To Finally Get the Woman You Want with the Law of Attraction” , the Ebook he mentioned. http://cli.gs/ZQsvyG And a good read it is, too! He downloaded a .pdf file copy of my book for $20 and so far, assuming he sells that amplifier, he’ll have made back  TWENTY TIMES what he paid for my book — and, in just 3 or 4 outings!   That’s good to know. That’ s similar to the results I’ve always had using the techniques I mention in that book!   Good to see other folks can duplicate ’em!   See for yourself when you get your own copy!        Here’s mine, again:  http://cli.gs/0HHNtU ——Ed

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