The Murder that COULD have been Prevented!

I was struck by the fact that the mother and her boyfriend were at Walmart (at MIDNIGHT?) while their 8 and 10 year old daughters were left to play "hide and seek" (according to the surviving 10 year old) with this weird-looking "family friend". The linked story says that "The State" REMOVED The surviving daughter from the home yesterday. Presumably, the parent not being home, that late at night, coupled with her choice of the nit wit pervy-looking friend (See his photo in the news story,) to be up with the children at such a late hour, rather than making sure that they were in bed, might be justification to remove the surviving child until things were sorted-out better, though I am very seldom an advocate of the removal of a child. Of course, there might be issues that we don't know, that still haven't been made public; perhaps the family was already known to CPS. I just did a Reading about this terrible situation (after the News story:)

Bullhead City, AZ Girl Strangled, Medical Examiner Says

Hanged Man, 3 of Swords, Magician

Hanged Man, 3 of Swords, Magician

My cards suggest this tragedy could have been prevented, because the mother and possibly other relatives or friends, must have known that there was danger in their midst, and that both children had been suffering from a lack of attention (the Hanged Man) and that this issue has been going on and building up, for some time. The Hanged Man shows actual suffering, a kind of martyrdom, perhaps a kind of background situation that at least the one child had been going through… but it could have been both. The lack of a two-parent home (the loss of the real father), may have been crucial. Replacement "men in her life" (the boyfriend the mom went to Walmart with at 11 p.m.), and the "family friend" (arrested for the murder,) were bad choices. The loss is brutally and stunningly heart-breaking, (3 of Swords), certainly one of the SADDEST cards in the whole deck), as it one of loss and despair;  it is certainly one of the cards that you just can't do very much about, other than to try to soothe a broken heart.  The hopeful heart, for there always seems to be hope, is here pierced three times with swords, showing the mother's trust was totally betrayed. There's nothing hidden about the tragedy;  just like the heart. it is right out there in the open.  

   BUT, even these awful cards don't quit without tying up the situation and showing us a bit of hope. A sudden transition, a new beginning, (The Magician), is indicated for the surviving child.

    Also importantly, The Magician indicates the police and prosecution has or will have all the 'elements' needed to try the case and win, since the card is distinguished by all four suits laid out for ready use on the Magician's table. 

    The 'bad cards' cannot be undone, Isabella can't be brought back, but things will become better-organized now, as the faults and failings that led up to this nightmare, come out. I would suppose the mother really needs a lot of help now.  The Magician, as the best and most progressive part of the system, can help with that.

    There is nothing ever "BAD" about the Magician card, it is a solid solution,  an improvement that follows a terrible disaster, an improvement that should have happened a long time ago!


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  1. FYI – the picture of the suspect has been removed from the news article. This is a terrible case.

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